Thursday, October 1, 2009

My, how things have changed :-(

I remember thinking "Once Babushka and I are in the same house we will finally be able to participate in HNT every week". Yeah-Right!!

We now are not only in the same house but are man and wife raising 3 kids and 2 dogs while working and going to school. Days into months mush together and now with fall here the calendar fills with school, sports, debate, holidays and the like.

I remember now what being married is like......although let me clarify that being I am happily married rather than what my last marriage was. I love my Babushka in a way that I never dreamed possible and am loved in turn by her the same. But real life is work - much different than 'staying over at each others house every other night'.

Which gets to our of the guilty pleasures that has been pushed to the back of the line. I read a few here and there - not sure about my lovely bride. We certainly do not participate as we thought we would. My office now blocks nearly every blog now so midday blog-surfing over lunch is a tyhing of the past. I miss our blogging, our joint TMI's and our HNT's.

Temporarily gone but not forgotten

We are busy livin' and for that I am greatful!!