Sunday, April 25, 2010

Deja Vu all over again

For the second time I will be walking down a commencement aisle - Kahuna is done with school!!! This is an exciting time for both Babushka and I - for the first time since we have been together I will not have to spend three nights and most weekends doing homework.

Babushka's choice of how to congratulate the accomplishment: A blowjob for me from her girlfriend Gigi in the back seat while Babushka drives, continually looking in the rear view mirror and letting us know we need to be louder. My folks will be coming to town next month for the commencement ceremony. Babushka is apparently planning a party. To say I am a lucky man is indeed an understatement.

It is nice to have my nights and weekends back, but it again makes me wonder what will this blog become. Is is a couples relationship blog, a sex blog or a current events blog. Guess it will be what it will be as I get busy livin'.