Monday, March 1, 2010

When is their's ours?

So I mentioned my Babushka has a girlfriend - Gigi. They have a great time together, both best friends and lovers. They have a connection that special, and one that I have occasionally found myself inadequate. No reason mind you, my Babushka is always reminding me that I am 'happily ever after'. Through one of these times of insecurity, Babushka agreed to include me in fun.

A couple weeks ago my Babushka surprised me with a much needed night away. Between work and school I have been stressed. A whirlpool room, where she ran me a bath and told me to relax, closing the door. 10 minutes later she opened the door, and there she stood with her Gigi - One in a new camisole and the other in garter and hose. The next 24 hours were rockin'.

This is not the first time the three of us have been together, but I do not see this as a true menage. I am invited on occasions to join their fun. But as enjoyable as that is (and it always is) I do have a sense that I do not rightly belong.

This was supposed to be hers, not ours
This was supposed to be theirs, not ours