Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TMI #154

What do you feel is the difference between sexy and erotic?
KAHUNA – Sexy is something that can be inferred onto anyone “That gal looks sexy in those jeans” while Erotic is something personal (for me it is with Babushka)

Do you believe there is one right person (i.e. soul mate) for you out there in the world, or that there can be many different potential mates that you could live blissfully with?
KAHUNA – I spent nearly twenty years thinking there was no such thing but wishing there could be. For almost two years now, I have been with that one right person

Do you need to hear "I love you" or similar words on a regular basis from your partner?
KAHUNA – Multiple times every day

What feeling do you have the most difficulty expressing?
KAHUNA – fear, frustration and disappointment

What is worse - physical, mental or cyber cheating?
KAHUNA – They are all a reflection of something not working in your relationship. Focusing on fixing that relationship is more important than ‘which cheating is worse’.

Bonus (as in optional): The Kinsey scale attempts to describe a person's sexual history or episodes of their sexual activity at a given time. It uses a scale from 0, meaning exclusively heterosexual, to 6, meaning exclusively homosexual. Where are you - TODAY - on the scale?
KAHUNA - Too complicated for me to figure out

Friday, September 26, 2008

Benefits of a Small Town Blog

So many things have been going on with Babushka and myself that we have been neglectful of our blog reading and writing lately. I also have this wonderful HNT of Babushka that I need to post but I can no longer access the big Oz website so I have not posted.

One result of not posting regularly and not posting HNT is that our blog is not heavily read (always amazing how a pic of a beautiful woman increases readership!). We are not unlike most in that we like people to visit, read and comment. But this desire to be 'blog-pular' is not without its' perils.

Two blogs that we read regularly and enjoyed have gone by the wayside due to improper popularity. Most of us blog somewhat "incognito" which allows us to safely post some things we would not want family or friends to necessarily read.

Being exposed online is every much as violating as being physically exposed, sometimes moreso. As a previous TMI confirmed, most people would rather run around wuth their junk hanging out than have their minds and thoughts exposed to the world. The first experience with bing outed on a blog was with Girl with a One-Track Mind a few years back. Although she has since made the best of itthe initial exposure was extremely painful.

I miss those who have to leave due to the lack of courtesy, integrity and honesty of others whose desire to tell the world what they know overrides common decency. There are times when being less popular is a good thing.

Regarding Babushka and I - we will update everyine in more detail (or try to do our best). Between work, kids and school we have little time and typically have to choose betwen blogin' or sexin'.........................Yep - Sexin' usually wins :-)

Get Busy Livin' of Get Busy Dyin'

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TMI #152

1). Ever been stalked an ex? Stalked an ex? Or stalked 'a you'd like to be'?
KAHUNA – You might say I stalked Babushka, though I would say I was simply concerned she had an adequate supply of paper and pens.

2). How often do you reach orgasm during sex? Has then historically been true?
KAHUNA – Suppose this is geared more to the gals, as guys typically finish. Babushka and I both enjoy bringing the other to orgasm immensely so this is never a real issue.

3). Teeth when used during oral stimulation, good or bad?
KAHUNA - Good when used sparingly, bad when used as a weapon

4). How many times is the most you have ever had sex in a 24 hour period? How many different sexual partners have you had in a 24 hour period?
KAHUNA - I guess it would depend on the definition of sex, but probably 3 times. Only one partner in a 24 hour period (I am dull)

5). Would you rather run naked through a crowded place or have someone email your deepest secret too all your friends?
KAHUNA - To be honest, I would be fine with either, as long as there was a guarantee that I would not be arrested for either one

Bonus: Have you ever kissed your partner on the lips after oral sex without brushing teeth, nor washing/gargling/rinsing out mouth? Turn on or off?
KAHUNA - Certainly, we love the taste of ourselves one each others lips (both pairs for her)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TMI #151

1). Describe the perfect date for YOURSELF... what you would enjoy most.
KAHUNA – Any evening out with Babushka.

2). Do you lean more toward being submissive or dominant?
KAHUNA – I would say I still lean toward submissive, in regards to always apologizing for things I do not need to be sorry for. I am working on getting more assertive and confident in my personal life.

3). What do you usually wear to bed?
KAHUNA – I excitedly wear nothing but a smile and erection if alone with Babushka. Otherwise I wear Underwear/Sweats if with the kids.

4). Have you ever seen a counselor?
KAHUNA – A number of them over the years – both individual and marital.

5). Lights on or off?
KAHUNA – I prefer the lights on. I love seeing Babushka’s face and body

Bonus (as in optional): Bonus: Have you or a partner ever faked an orgasm?
KAHUNA – Ironically, I tried once with Babushka – it was an abject failure. Men just should not try to fake it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Long and Winding Road....

......That leads to your door.......

I was listening to The Fab Four earlier this week while doing homework and comes to mind today as I am again working on said homework. That said, the in-between time for Babushka and I has been a curvy and confusing path indeed:
  • Great Sex
  • Closeness and Intimacy
  • Heartfelt but Difficult Discussion
  • More Great Sex
  • More Intimacy and Closeness
  • Greater Disagreement and Misunderstanding
  • More Heartfelt but Difficult Discussion
That's alot of activity for about a 36 hour timeframe but it is the reality of Babushka and I right now. There is much raw emotion within both of us, which can manifest itself in many ways - Fear, Passion, Gratitude, Resentment, Humor and Joy, Worries and Sorrow.

We both have alot of "stuff" on our plates right now, more than either of us would like. Yet we both are missing things that we would like added to our plate. Perhaps it is not that we have too much "stuff" we are juggling, just that we wish to be juggling different "stuff".

What I do know is that I am proud of us both and grateful to be here right now. You always hear that 'relationships take work'. I always hated hearing that when my Ex said that to me - it was her way trying to get me to accept my unhappiness as normal. My response was always "I am not afraid of the hard work, but both people have to be working toward the same thing". We never were.

Babushka and I are working toward the same vision: A life together; a life with one another; a life of sharing, laughing and loving; a life of challenge, disappointment and misunderstanding; a life of forgiveness and a life of serenity.

It is work- but it is work that is well worth the effort.

We are working toward the same thing......toward each other!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Kahuna is damn proud to be celebrating 2 years of sobriety

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TMI #150

1). When was the last time someone hit on you? What went down?
KAHUNA – That would be yesterday when I was helping Babushka and her family shovel and wheelbarrow a big ol’ pile of dirt from the driveway to the back yard. She whispered in my ear “Please come back tonight, I need to f*ck you”

2). If you were single and could be with any one person, who would it be (thinking singer/actor or someone famous here, but whatever)?
KAHUNA – Either Jennifer Love-Hewitt or Jewel De’ Nyle

3). Have you ever had done anything sexual in your office or your place of employment?
KAHUNA – No but this is too funny, as Babushka was describing to me her fantasy of me taking her in the *ss from behind bent over my desk in my office

4). Do you apologize when you make a mistake? How do you react when someone calls you out?
KAHUNA – This is an area where recovery has truly made a big difference in my life. I am very comfortable now making amends immediately after an action I do not feel reflects positively on whom I am as a person. I do need to work on being to quick to say “sorry” to Babushka for things that do not warrant an apology.

5). Top or bottom?
KAHUNA – I enjoy both, depending on the mood of the evening. Last night I was a Top who was very much enjoying Babushka’s bottom

Bonus (as in optional): Bonus: How old were you when you first had a willing sexual experience?
KAHUNA – My first experience of touching a naked female was taking a bubble bath with my first girlfriend when we were 15 or 16. Pretty innocent but I do recall thinking how nice she felt

Monday, September 1, 2008

Life's Not Easier Just Cause Your Sober

The weeks have just gotten lost in my seeming perpetual battle with the divorce, although it is now official - I now have an "Ex-Wife"!

As nice as it is to say that, this fact ushers in a new era for all of us - A new era that will take some time to adjust to. My kids, Dude and Pumpkin, have further to go than BuddyLuv. Both will have periods where they are less receptive to the 'inclusion' of Babushka and BuddyLuv than other periods.

This weekend was one of those where Dude was not very receptive. This obviously bothered Babushka. I in turn am torn between being protective of both of them. It leaves me conflicted. From what I have read and from friends I have spoken to this is a natural occurrence that is to be expected. This does not make me feel any better, knowing how much it hurts my dear Babushka.

Between my preoccupations with exes and kids, I feel like I have been less than 100% available to Babushka as she has dealt with a number of medical events that have impacted her family. Although this is not something to beat myself up emotionally about, I do not enjoy the thought of not always being her night in shining armor.

It feels like Babushka and I are starting to encounter the inevitable 'growing pains' of our relationship. It also feels (at least to me) that we are doing as good of a job as we can of navigating these complex waters.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
I love my life, my Babushka and myself.......life is good (if not easy)