Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TMI Tuesday #201

1. Do you have "your" side of the bed? Which side?
Babushka and I each have our 'side' but that is misleading. Babushka will not go to sleep until she is spooned next to me on my side. I always joke that I truly only have the last 18 inches of the bed but when it is a nekkid Babushka on the other side who can complain?

2. How old is your pillow and what condition is it in?
We just bought new allergent-free pillows about 6 months ago so we are in good shape.

3. What is your favorite position to sleep in?
I usually will go from back to stomach then finally on my left side with Babushka pressed tight against my butt

4. How often do you change your sheets?
Not as often as we should probably - every month or so I guess.

5. What helps you fall asleep when insomnia strikes?
Blowjob (Babushka can stop laughing now) - Two ibuprofen or a sudafed work as well.

6. Does sex make you sleepy or energized?
Both - Depends on the time of day

7. What is the minimum amount of sleep that you need to be functional the next day.
I function best on about six to seven hours of sleep. Eight hours makes me sleepy throughout the day

Bonus (as in optional):
Describe your most vivid dream.
This is a bad question for me - I seem to always forget my dreams when I wake up. The one I remember is about a week after Babushka and I were married - I was mad that some guy was sitting in my computer chair preventing me from drafting my fantasy football team so I smacked him. Unfortunately I smacked my Babushka right in the nose :-(. Our firs week of marriage was me stepping on babushka's foot and breaking her tow in two places followed by the smack to the nose.

I am sure lucky she really loves me.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What is the best part of a Saturday??

Getting home at 10:00am from a great recovery meeting to your wife wanting to have sex.........................then after she has 3 straight orally-induced orgasms you lay a sheet over her so she can rest and doze off.

It feels so rewarding!!!!!!!

I love my wife, my lovely Babushka

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TMI Tuesday #200 (Happy Anniversary!!)

1. What is the longest you have been in a monogamous sexual relationship? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that your significant other does (did) not know about.]
Based on the description above that would be my lovely Babushka

2. If your current relationship would fail, do you have a back-up for physical or emotional comfort?
Back-up what? If this is another woman to take my Babushka's place than no I do not. I do have our kids and friends who would be able to fill much of the comfort role. i am blessed in that way.

3. Can you be "just friends" with someone when there is an unrequited sexual attraction?
Babushka and I were "work" friends for a period of time where we both were aware of feelings toward one another. We kept those feelings 'unrequited', as I was married at that time and neither of us wanted anything like a hookup or affair. Once I was separated I did not wait very long to ask her out on a date and the rest is beautiful history.

4. In a assumed monogamous sexual relationship have you ever cheated, been cheated upon or been a knowing third party to the infidelity? [For the purpose of this question monogamous is defined as no sexual partners that a significant other does (did) not know about.]
I had two affairs while I was married to my former wife and she eventually found out about both. The first one was immediately after our wedding and the other was at about the 9 year mark of our 17 yrs. Both women I had these affairs with were married as well and to my knowledge their husbands' never knew. Tough to read this - certainly nothing to be proud of.

5. Historically, what has caused the most arguments in your relationships?
Historically it would be sex and money. Babushka and I tend to not have really arguments about “things” – instead we discussions around how a decisions or action by one of us makes the other feel or what old wounds it triggers in us.

Bonus (as in optional):What do you want from a partner in a long term relationship?
What I already have in Babushka.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TMI #198 - Relationships

1. Family is Dysfunctional but necessary.

2. Friends are Occasional but necessary.

3. Exes are good at being a big pain in the ass (OK - that is just my personal rant).

4. Strangers are friends we have not met yet (OK - this response even makes me ill but it was all I could think of).

5. Relationships work best when respect is mutual.

Bonus: Tell us about your first love:
Pretty Standard Fare:
1st Girlfriend - both 14 years old - 2 years long - My 1st kisses and 1st "touches"
Seems pretty tame by today's standards but it still warms my heart when I think of it..........just like my Babushka!!