Saturday, February 13, 2010

To each their own

I was reading Vixen and PC's blog BEV as they journey along the discussion of cuckolding. Although it has not been something that necessarily 'floats my boat', I have been thinking about the similarities and differences between cuckolding and what Babushka and I share; her girlfriend.

Babushka and her girlfriend (and I) have experienced an extremely interesting 2009. I encouraged Babushka to pursue her 'interest' in women. Not coincidentally, her BFF Gigi started to flirt above and beyond the typical girlfriends flirt. I encouraged her to see where this would lead.

It eventually led to a weekend trip with another non-BFF gal. I wrote them a lovely, sexual story for them to share. Babushka and Gigi had their first Girl/Girl time together, covering the others mouth when orgasm approached as to not wake up the very homophobic non-BFF in the queen bed next to them.

As for me, I experienced something that weekend I had never truly felt before - jealousy. I was well read on the pitfalls of many a man encouraging his wife to explore an experience only to act like an ass as soon as it happened. I was determined that would not be me, and although I was not an ass per se, I did feel a sense of insecurity I was absolutely sure beforehand I would not.

That was last summer, and many a twist and turn has occurred since then, which will evolve on these pages.

Get Busy Livin' - and Happy Valentines Day!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

H1N1 HNT...... something nobody really wants to see.

I have a butt-load of homework this week for class, so of course I come here to avoid it at least for a few more minutes. The snow continues to fall as I continue to procrastinate.

So last night I come home early from night school because my lovely Babushka is still sick. She wants to lay her head on my chest and cry. We go to bed, watch a little news while she lays against me. She starts to play with my cock, rubbing it and touching it lightly. She feels it grow and slowly slides down to give me head......

Should I stop her? I mean she has been sick for three days and still feels horrible. She knows what I am thinking. "It will help me feel better" she tells me.

So am I selfish or selfless that I let her continue?

Lucky - That's what I am :-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Four months and counting

Since I last posted.....Between the new family, the holidays, work, school and life - whew!!

H1N1 has run rampant in the house, with 2 trips to the ER in 10 days (first myself and then Babushka last night). I was a skeptic but put me in the converted category - it is brutal!!

Taking care of my Babushka today gives me a little time to reflect. Being married 6 months now has been absolutely wonderful and also eye-opening. No matter how much two people love each other life, and relationships are hard work. How rewarding it is though, when two people work through a challenging item with respect and dignity for each other - even in the midst of a disagreement.

I look forward to being regular again once school is finally over in 82 days (but who is counting). There is lots to talk about, including a girlfriend for my lovely Babushka!

Gotta run - hope 2010 is well and Get Busy Livin!!