Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TMI Tuesday (Wednesday)

1. Does the carpet match the drapes?
BABUSHKA - Match? Well, does a nice smooth finish match long brown hair?

KAHUNA - Yes, but both are fraying with age :-)

2. Have you ever used personal information about someone to blackmail them?


3. What is your favorite thing to lick?
BABUSHKA - Mmmm! Anything that bring myself or others pleasure! Everything that bring myself or others pleasure!

KAHUNA - Babushka!!

4. Have you ever had sex in a place of worship? (i.e., church, temple, mosque, etc.)

KAHUNA - Yes (Babushka is my Temple of Worship!)

5. If you watch video porn, do you buy it in a store, from a catalog, online, or download it? LINK!!! ;)
BABUSHKA - Online I have found beautiful, erotic pictures! That is about as far as I have gone when finding it for myself.

KAHUNA - Typically rent in the past, although I bought one for Babushka starring her look alike and kindred soul Jewel De'Nyle. I did recently stumble across PornoTube.Com, which can have some fun(ny) stuff but seems to have much man/man lovin'

Bonus (as in optional): How often, if ever, do you "fake it?"
BABUSHKA - I am VERY HAPPY to report I do not fake it at all anymore! That was not always the case. Before now, when there was something not quite right with situations, I thought it was normal to fake it almost 9/10 times!

KAHUNA - Never anymore, as Babushka likes the fact it takes me a looooong time to climax.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guys Actually Do More Than Burp and Fart!

I was reading the lovely Gillette's blog honoring fathers and men in general. It was a wonderful reminder to me that we men can and do in fact add value, substance and depth to the quality of the blessed women in our life.
  1. I am helpful
  2. I love watching sports
  3. I have a little puppy (Bishon)
  4. I do love (now)
  5. I am romantic
  6. Babushka does know she is beautiful when she is with me
  7. I prefer direct communication
  8. Babushkas' enjoyment in bed is job #1
  9. I, on occasion, have been known to ravish Babushka
  10. I protectively enfold her often
My last 12 hours with Babushka cover many of these. I had both my kids since Friday afternoon so we had not seen each other. I surprised her at her house about 9:30pm last night, following my sons baseball game. She was in her little Pooh teddy and that's all (yeah for me - sounds like a future HNT).

I brought my travel bag into her room, where she followed me, put her arms around me and gave me a lovely welcoming kiss. As we broke the kiss, she let me know she was going to take a shower. I instead continued to kiss her and walked us us back until we fell on the bed. I began to kiss down her full breasts, taut belly and playfully tongued her belly button ring until reaching her shaved pussy. I slowly licked her outer labia lips and ran my tongue down to her beautiful asshole, where I spent some much appreciated time rimming her. I then made my way back up, spending time with her inner and outer lips until reaching her clit. I stayed focused on her clit, changing the movement, direction and intensity of my tongue while occasionally sliding a finger into her HWP (Hot Wet Pussy) or her NTA (Nice Tight Ass) until she exploded in orgasm - smiling and panting. (#7, #8)

I went out to my car to grab my cellphone, I was struck by the beautiful night with the crescent moon and two stars shining above. As soon as I walked back into the house I grabbed her hand and took her out to the deck. I held her on my arms and we danced to the music of the wind while I showed her the beautiful sky above. (#4, #5, #6, #10)

We retired into the bedroom after the news for our night's sleep. Of course the cuddling and goodnight kisses lead to her hand in my pajama boxers and then removing them. Stroking my cock leads to her giving me great head which leads to her straddling by cock and riding it with her HWP. She rode me to our mutual enjoyment, slightly changing her body direction every so often. I love when she does this, as it changes the depth and friction of my cock in her pussy. I then whispered that I wanted to fuck her from behind. We both stood on the floor and she bent over the bed while I began to enter her. The audible sigh from her made me realize it was not her pussy that my cock was beginning to enter.

Now my Babushka does love anal and it had been too long, so even though it was not my intention I said to her "Well, while I am there...." After a minute or so of gentle rocking and twisting of our hips she was relaxed and ready for penetration. Now typically with anal I like to always go with slow penetration and strokes - In general I like to take my time being sexual with Babushka.

Last night though, Gillette's second to last item she loved about men crossed my mind. I grabbed my Babushka's hips and fucked her ass long and hard with deep and powerful strokes. She screamed (growled) "I love it when you fuck my ass - God I love it" . I fucked her ass in this manner until I came in the depths of her ass. (#8 #9)

I will abbreviate this morning, as this entry is longer that I anticipated. I was ready for work first, so while Babushka was getting her beauty shwerve on I went to work folding the mountain of laundry she had not had an opportunity to get to. (#1 #4)

This is NO reflection of her, but as a single mother with no assistance with BuddyLuv she must prioritize. I am always in awe of my Babushka in that she juggles so much stress and responsibility with such dignity and grace. I am blessed that she is in my life.

So - Eight out of Ten in under 12 hours - Not Bad at all.

P.S. - I had my pup Snowball this weekend and I watched the US Open, so including the weekend I batted 1000!!!!!!!!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

Friday, June 15, 2007

As Life Goes By.......

It sure has been a frantic week or so - I have been so busy Livin' that I have had no time to blog. Our adventures in car buying took a dramatic turn the morning after Babushka's last post. To be brief - the price and terms we were quoted IN WRITING the night before changes THREE TIMES after we faxed in Babushka's credit application. Given that she has Tier 1 Credit (720 FICO), I knew it was not credit related. Eventually the deal fell through and my sweet Babushka's heart was broken. But I did not yell or use explicit profanity with them (that has not always been the case in my past).

My spiritual readings this week focused on removing worry and embracing patience. I am so thankful for recovery in my life - I am amazed that I now handle things intuitively that used to baffle me. Short story longer - the next day I was able to attain my Babushka a better equipped vehicle. Deposit has been paid while it ships to the dealer.

Good things come to those who engage in life with dignity and grace. Plus, Babushka's lack of a car had me staying overnight more. There is truly nothing better than being awoken at 4:00am by soft hands on your (my) cock in preparation for her to hop on for an early morning ride!!!

After a week of fucking and sucking 2-3 times a day every day, I may need to re-evaluate my dietary intake - MORE CARBS, MORE CARBS!.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Patience is not always one of my virtues. . .

Patience has not always been one of my virtues. I am patient with the users I support. In fact, I would say that I am beyond patient with them. However!!!!! I am NOT patient when I am excited about something positive, especially positive change. Take this position I applied for. . . The day after I sent off my application, I started to become ancy!

There were 40 people interviewed for the two open postings! I was one of them!

The top 20 (according to HR scoring) were interviewed! I was one of them. . . And became very ancy two days after the interview, wondering what was going to happen!

The top 6 were called back for a second interview. I was one of them! And, you guessed it, I was ancy after two days of not hearing anything!

FINALLY!!!!! I was offered the position last Thursday! As of today, I am happy to report that salary negotiations are complete. Now I just need to be fingerprinted and have a background check completed. . . And, again. . . I am so ancy to get this completed.

I am so excited because this is huge! Better salary! Better benefits! Better time off! Better chance for advancement! They are going to have me certified!

And, there is a fresh hope that I will feel appreciated for caring!

And, what perfect timing. . . (Everything happens for a reason) because I will be getting a payout for my vacation time not used, I will have a down payment to replace that terrible, unfixable car! I will be going from a 95 Honda Civic with a taped up window to a 07 Mazda6. . . and not even the base model!

I know the value or lack there of when it comes to material things. It is not the car that matters. It is the fact that I have worked hard, with pride, dignity (usually) and grace. And now, I can see and am doing things I never believed possible. I have made it, through grace, and am slowly but surely find me.

I have friends for whom I know no faces. Yet, my friends in the blog world care and wish me well.

I have a family who may not always care for me. But, they love me all the same.

I have my Kahuna. . . My angel. . . My rock. . . And my knight in shining armor. He knows everything I know about myself and adores me still. He is my best friend.

I have a BuddyLuv who is an amazing reflection of me combined into an wondrously beautiful young man.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'?
I choose livin' for as long as it is my choice!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Off to Work HNT

This picture was taken as we returned to the office after a little "afternoon delight" that we recently enjoyed. I look at this fondly as there is a possibility that Babushka may be moving onto a better work opportunity (fingers crossed!).

Even as happy as I will be for her, I will miss our daily walk and our occasional mid-day orgasms!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TMI Tuesday - On Time!!!

1. Should guys wear pink?

KAHUNA – Yes, as long as they are confident in themselves. I wear pink dress shirts and have been told I can pull it off quite well :-)

BABUSHKA – They should wear whatever they would like and makes them feel good!

2. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?

KAHUNA – Eyes Closed (primarily)

BABUSHKA – Both! I kiss with my eyes open (off and on) when I want to watch the pleasure the taste of my lips brings to the person I am kissing. I kiss with my eyes closed when I want to zone in on the pleasure brought on for me by the taste of the person I am kissing.

3. What is the first "non-physical" feature you tend to notice about a person you find attractive?

KAHUNA – How they treat others, their outlook on life and having a general aura of positive energy. These are the things that immediately drew me to Babushka (and still do).

BABUSHKA – The attitude. For multiple reason, a hard person intimidates me. If I am intimidated, I cannot be attracted.

4. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex?

KAHUNA – Whenever the opportunity arises!

BABUSHKA – Why, yes I have

5. Would you rather receive amazing oral sex or have amazing sex?
KAHUNA – I hate these “either/or” scenarios. I guess I will go with the latter answer:

  • Short Answer: The first answer infers one of the two is passive. I prefer both of us be involved
  • Long Answer: The latter would include giving amazing oral, receiving amazing oral, vaginal and anal penetration, oils and toys, etc………

BABUSHKA – I would choose to not have to choose.

Bonus (as in optional): If you could say anything you wanted anonymously to anyone, without identifying that person, what would you say?

KAHUNA – I can speak anonymously whenever I want due to the wonder of blogland, although I admit I am not fond of (to put it nicely) people who “anonymously” rip others and do not have the balls (per se) to own their views.

BABUSHKA – Hmmm. . . I really cannot think of anything I would like to say someone without them knowing from whom it came.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Boring...... how my blog-life has become.

Lets' look at last week:
The holiday threw my days off to blog - TMI was on Wednesday and HNT did not happen at all
  • My kids threw off my opportunity to blog - Baseball and Softball every weeknight
  • My schoolwork threw off my time to blog - Mid-terms and group project
  • My (soon to be) XWife threw off my mind to blog - Unless you like to hear me bitch
But my Babushka continues to inspire me. Her car decided to crap out and it is no longer worth fixing. So she sold the car on Craigslist and no longer has transportation. Sure she is worried (as we all would be) and made a 1:30am call to me to calm herself.

Yet she does not wallow - she will do what she needs to. Her "glass is half full" perspective is that she will walk more which in turn will help her reach her weight goal.

My Babushka is an inspiration to me - I adore her and I am grateful for her.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'