Saturday, February 13, 2010

To each their own

I was reading Vixen and PC's blog BEV as they journey along the discussion of cuckolding. Although it has not been something that necessarily 'floats my boat', I have been thinking about the similarities and differences between cuckolding and what Babushka and I share; her girlfriend.

Babushka and her girlfriend (and I) have experienced an extremely interesting 2009. I encouraged Babushka to pursue her 'interest' in women. Not coincidentally, her BFF Gigi started to flirt above and beyond the typical girlfriends flirt. I encouraged her to see where this would lead.

It eventually led to a weekend trip with another non-BFF gal. I wrote them a lovely, sexual story for them to share. Babushka and Gigi had their first Girl/Girl time together, covering the others mouth when orgasm approached as to not wake up the very homophobic non-BFF in the queen bed next to them.

As for me, I experienced something that weekend I had never truly felt before - jealousy. I was well read on the pitfalls of many a man encouraging his wife to explore an experience only to act like an ass as soon as it happened. I was determined that would not be me, and although I was not an ass per se, I did feel a sense of insecurity I was absolutely sure beforehand I would not.

That was last summer, and many a twist and turn has occurred since then, which will evolve on these pages.

Get Busy Livin' - and Happy Valentines Day!!

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