Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Year Older and Deeper In.......

Kahuna turned another page in the chapter of life yesterday. It does amaze me the 44 is so much better than 34 was and a damn sight better than 24.

Babushka was her always wonderful self: Surprise birthday lunch at the office; Surprise birthday song at Bootcamp; Surprise buster bar ice cream cake with family; Surprise lingerie on (her) and hot anal sex as a bit of frosting on the cake!! This was in fact the 4th straight evening of phenomenal sex, which included a little light bondage and blindfolding one evening and many orgasms for us both.

It does amaze me how my life has changed in my 40's. The end of my 30's found me at a crossroads in my life and the starting of this blog. Confused about my sexuality and spirituality and battling my addictions to porn and alcohol - making progress but never able to fully overcome.

Today my life is so much more than it was - most days joyful, some days painful and every day engaged in the world around. Each day is a new opportunity to succeed (or fail) independent from the day before. And each day is spent with my lovely Babushka, whom was the answer to the midnight dreams that accompanied my previous life. She is still the apple of my eye whom I adore more each day. All this and a wife who 'asks' to suck my cock when she is restless, as making me cum helps her fall asleep.

All I know is my 40's Rock!!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

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