Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mid-Blog Crisis

Seems that is where I sit today. In looking at my last few entries it seems to me that I am trying way too hard to "sexualize" my entries. Not that there is anything wrong with writing about these activities but it does seem to narrow the scope and content of the blog and what it represents, although I do not believe I can even answer that right now. Given that, my thoughts will likely ramble.

Point in case - I am struggling with being out of school. All the while I was there I was looking forward to the day it would end, which was April. I miss the weekly discipline of going to class and interacting with my classmates. As much as I was looking forward to being done now I am left with "now what". My beautiful Babushka is going back to school (which I am so happy about) bit it is weird not having class..........Now what do I do other than watch over the kids (like that is not a job)

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Deb said...

Umm, yes, watching over kids is an ENORMOUS job! Love the title of this post by the way. You know, I never try to pigeonhole myself into "one topic' type of blog. Whatever you write, whatever is in your heart----let it all out, only if you feel comfortable. That way, the blog is more "you"---more raw and honest. I love that about blogs! Your writing is amazing so whatever the content, I'll be reading.

Hope you're doing well. :)