Friday, June 15, 2007

As Life Goes By.......

It sure has been a frantic week or so - I have been so busy Livin' that I have had no time to blog. Our adventures in car buying took a dramatic turn the morning after Babushka's last post. To be brief - the price and terms we were quoted IN WRITING the night before changes THREE TIMES after we faxed in Babushka's credit application. Given that she has Tier 1 Credit (720 FICO), I knew it was not credit related. Eventually the deal fell through and my sweet Babushka's heart was broken. But I did not yell or use explicit profanity with them (that has not always been the case in my past).

My spiritual readings this week focused on removing worry and embracing patience. I am so thankful for recovery in my life - I am amazed that I now handle things intuitively that used to baffle me. Short story longer - the next day I was able to attain my Babushka a better equipped vehicle. Deposit has been paid while it ships to the dealer.

Good things come to those who engage in life with dignity and grace. Plus, Babushka's lack of a car had me staying overnight more. There is truly nothing better than being awoken at 4:00am by soft hands on your (my) cock in preparation for her to hop on for an early morning ride!!!

After a week of fucking and sucking 2-3 times a day every day, I may need to re-evaluate my dietary intake - MORE CARBS, MORE CARBS!.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

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