Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TMI Tuesday - On Time!!!

1. Should guys wear pink?

KAHUNA – Yes, as long as they are confident in themselves. I wear pink dress shirts and have been told I can pull it off quite well :-)

BABUSHKA – They should wear whatever they would like and makes them feel good!

2. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?

KAHUNA – Eyes Closed (primarily)

BABUSHKA – Both! I kiss with my eyes open (off and on) when I want to watch the pleasure the taste of my lips brings to the person I am kissing. I kiss with my eyes closed when I want to zone in on the pleasure brought on for me by the taste of the person I am kissing.

3. What is the first "non-physical" feature you tend to notice about a person you find attractive?

KAHUNA – How they treat others, their outlook on life and having a general aura of positive energy. These are the things that immediately drew me to Babushka (and still do).

BABUSHKA – The attitude. For multiple reason, a hard person intimidates me. If I am intimidated, I cannot be attracted.

4. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex?

KAHUNA – Whenever the opportunity arises!

BABUSHKA – Why, yes I have

5. Would you rather receive amazing oral sex or have amazing sex?
KAHUNA – I hate these “either/or” scenarios. I guess I will go with the latter answer:

  • Short Answer: The first answer infers one of the two is passive. I prefer both of us be involved
  • Long Answer: The latter would include giving amazing oral, receiving amazing oral, vaginal and anal penetration, oils and toys, etc………

BABUSHKA – I would choose to not have to choose.

Bonus (as in optional): If you could say anything you wanted anonymously to anyone, without identifying that person, what would you say?

KAHUNA – I can speak anonymously whenever I want due to the wonder of blogland, although I admit I am not fond of (to put it nicely) people who “anonymously” rip others and do not have the balls (per se) to own their views.

BABUSHKA – Hmmm. . . I really cannot think of anything I would like to say someone without them knowing from whom it came.


Bunny said...

Great answers! Happy TMI!

Anonymous said...

Great answers! I always enjoy reading y'alls answers come Tuesday. Happy TMI! :o)

Gillette said...

I like these...they're fun. Thanks.

SeaRabbit said...

Great answers... I love your Bonus ones!!!
I didn't forget your question about the work on photos... I only just didn't find your mail adress... and time to put my answer into words... I'll be back to you with some simple tutirial on my blog soon... as soon as possible... ;-)