Friday, September 26, 2008

Benefits of a Small Town Blog

So many things have been going on with Babushka and myself that we have been neglectful of our blog reading and writing lately. I also have this wonderful HNT of Babushka that I need to post but I can no longer access the big Oz website so I have not posted.

One result of not posting regularly and not posting HNT is that our blog is not heavily read (always amazing how a pic of a beautiful woman increases readership!). We are not unlike most in that we like people to visit, read and comment. But this desire to be 'blog-pular' is not without its' perils.

Two blogs that we read regularly and enjoyed have gone by the wayside due to improper popularity. Most of us blog somewhat "incognito" which allows us to safely post some things we would not want family or friends to necessarily read.

Being exposed online is every much as violating as being physically exposed, sometimes moreso. As a previous TMI confirmed, most people would rather run around wuth their junk hanging out than have their minds and thoughts exposed to the world. The first experience with bing outed on a blog was with Girl with a One-Track Mind a few years back. Although she has since made the best of itthe initial exposure was extremely painful.

I miss those who have to leave due to the lack of courtesy, integrity and honesty of others whose desire to tell the world what they know overrides common decency. There are times when being less popular is a good thing.

Regarding Babushka and I - we will update everyine in more detail (or try to do our best). Between work, kids and school we have little time and typically have to choose betwen blogin' or sexin'.........................Yep - Sexin' usually wins :-)

Get Busy Livin' of Get Busy Dyin'


Dana said...

This is one of my biggest concerns with blogging. I've managed to stay under the radar for my first year, but I find myself getting more comfortable - taking greater risks.

I live in a SMALL town (less than 4000 people), work for a very conservative, family owned business and am president of the PTO.

I know there could be much to lose should someone find me, but the need for the outlet outweighs that risk.

Big Kahuna said...

Agreed Dana - Plus with us both being in the Midwest I think that plays a part as well

Holly Golightly said...

seriously? you'd rather have sex than blog??? WHAT is wrong with you man??