Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Christmas Come and Gone

I must admit that I have never been a big fan of the 'holiday season', but this year I must say it was a truly enjoyable experience.

Christmas Eve was the inaugural 'Fab Five' evening with Babushka and I, along with the three amigos (Dude, BuddyLuv and Punkin). Over the last month or so, Babushka and BuddyLuv have been spending the weekends with the kids and I when they are with me. This is not easy, fitting 5 people into a 2 bedroom basement when Babushka and I do not share a room!! That said, I was nervous about how our first integrated holiday would go. It was a splendid day indeed! Presents were exchanged, games were played and cookies were baked. All this without the stress that I have felt on previous holidays (granted being with PB generally causes stress).

Christmas Day was just as nice, spent with Babushka's extended family. More cookies, more games and a successful dinner for 13 pulled off by yours truly (with Babushka of course). Our menu consisted of 4 Flank Steaks, Roasted Red Potatoes, Baby Greens Salad with homemade Balsamic Vinegarette and Dinner Rolls (ok - not baked by us). Another round of presents and games led to much joy and laughter. Again, all this yet no unrealistic expectations by those in attendance and little arguing amongst family members. Quite a treat.

Oh yeah - How could I forget Babushka seducing me (blanket in hand) into the bathroom of the basement for a little midnight rendezvous or the absolutely intense blowjob another evening just to ensure me a restful night :-)

Get Busy Livin or Get Busy Dyin

Mele Kelikimaka and Haouli Makahikihou


vixen kitten said...

Happy to hear a wonderful day was had by all.


Dana said...

WooHoo! Sounds like quite a successful holiday! BTW, come visit me (my HNT post last week) and you'll see one of my three wishes was for you and Babushka!