Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Houston, we have a problem (or two, three, four... )

First - No TMI Today (Too frazzled at work to participate)

Second - Life is just soooo busy right now. Between work being insane, school being insane, kids being insane and exwife being insane, there seems to be no balance right now. As a recovering alcoholic, balance is important. The positive part of where I am in my life is that at least I recognize that and acknowledge that, rather than try to hide it or pretend I can overcome all. Knowing my limitations helps during the craziness. God will not give me more than I can handle........unless he has my sense of humor :-)

Third - No Date Night yet this month for Babushka and I. I am not sure that a date night every week or even every other week will always be doable but we should NEVER go a month without at least one quality date night. We are targeting Nov. 28th but if something comes up that day that is not expected (See Problem #2) that leaves little time before December. Quality, non-sex alone time is so important for any couple but it seems especially critical for us. We just do better in all areas of life if we are connected.

Fourth - I HATE E.D. SOME DAYS! Last Night was one of those nights. Of all of the benefits I derive from my ADD and AD meds, this is one I could do without. Now I have never been one to separate sex as intercourse vs oral vs. whatever. For me, sexual intimacy with Babushka is all about sharing our nekkidness and and orgasms. We both enjoy making the other cum more than our own orgasms (well, at least as much). That said, last night we had a stressfull, emotion filled evening and both of us were wiped out, so I did not take 1/2 of one of those blue miracle pills. Of course as soon as we are in bed we begin to wake up and Babushka gets particularly horny and explicit in telling me what we will be doing (my cock= her ass). Semi-erect just doesn't cut it during times like these.

I am blessed tha Babushka is so understanding. We had a wonderfully sexual evening and she did enjoy an outstandingly strong orgasm. She makes sure that I have no reason to feel guilty or ffrustrated or inadequate, which is wonderful. That said, there are times I syre miss the days of youth when the cock was rock hard immediiately at the appropriate time - and sometimes teh inappropriate times :-)

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
All said - Life is wonderful and I am blessed...my cup overfloweth


Babushka said...

I love you, Kahuna!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys have been so busy!

I think it's really good that you two are so understanding with each other.

Try to get some R&R!