Sunday, November 16, 2008

Updates on Stuff

Well, because there is so much going on, I have sectioned off everything just in case there are only certain things our readers are looking for updates on:

No showing, yet, on the house. But, thats ok. We have been good at keeping it up. We drove by one option. The pictures did not do it justice. . . The colors on the pictures were nice. The house itself, not so much. It was a BRIGHT yellow. I have spoken to both Pumpkin and BuddyLuv about the move. See below Pumpkin and BuddyLuv sections for more details on that update.

I debated about starting with her to get her out of the way, or ending with her to not allow her to look like a priority. I just want to get her update out of the way. Last Friday, we were kind enough to give PB a heads up that, since she was planning to be at Pumpkin's bball game, I would be attending, also. We thought this was the right thing to do so that she could choose not to be there if it was an issue. After all, this was our weekend with the kids. Well, she did not only NOT choose to stay away, she chose to invite her entire family. It was like the divorce trial all over again! even with them there, things went really well! I guess they were in close proximity to us at one point. But, I didn't let it get to me. I was partially glad to be in the same building as her. I was starting to worry that she was like some super model or something since I still had not a clue about what she looked like. I finally saw a glimpse of her as she walked out the door. Oh. She just looked like a lonely, bitter, angry, hard older woman. Of course, when I was talking to friends later, I added a few more colorful terms. But, that was the basic gist of it. No interaction. Afterwards, I felt a bit childish for not having faced them all head on, introducing myself. But, then again, that was probably the purpose for bringing God and County, right?

New Truck
With Dude driving, we have been debating about purchasing another vehicle. Kahuna was driving an older model Honda with over 160K miles on it. We knew that should go to Dude next year when he gets his license. The debate was, do we take on a car payment now? Or, do we wait until next year? We decided that it was financially smarter to NOT wait and NOT put another 15K+ miles on the Honda. After the first bball game Saturday and before the second, we test drove and bought a Saab 9-7x, beautiful burgandy SUV. Kahuna had to call PB to ask for the name of the car insurance person. Ohhhh. . . Talk about a 20 questions bitch. . .

Pumpkin 1
Saturday after her game, I had to leave and meet friends to work on Christmas presents. We are all into beading. So, we are making jewelry for family. Pumpkin must have missed me because she waked many times if I was coming back. Which, I did. Sunday morning, she was coughing in bed. I went in and got her a drink, then moved her to the couch and tucked her in nice and warm to watch TV and wake up. She liked this, calling me a Mama Bear and saying I take care of her like a Mama Bear takes care of her cubs. :-) Of course I do. Thats how I am. At breakfast, a Mama Bear comment was repeated. (in my heart of hearts, I hoped that time that this name would stick. I understand, she has a mom. But, if my kids are not going to call me mom, any term of endearment would be welcomed with open arms)

Pumpkin 2
Pumpkin and I got to spend our first quality alone time last weekend on Sunday. It is funny. Sometimes I think my heart cannot smile any wider. . . Then, it does! Pumpkin remembered that we had not yet gone to Build-a-Bear for my bday. So, off we went (in the new truck). When we first got to the mall, Pumpkin and I sat and shared some cheese curds. As we did, we talked. I told her that I hope she knows I am another adult she can turn to if she needs someone to talk to. And, asked how things were going with the two households.
**She shared with me that there are times when she would really like to see Kahuna more.
**But, because those times are "PB's" times, she isn't allowed to leave.
**She is only allowed to see Kahuna on the scheduled days.
**She said that her mom is too busy for her.
I asked how she felt about all the changes that were going on, and the plans for next summer. She smiled. She had a lot of positive things to say.
**She's excited BuddyLuv may be on the same bus as her.
**She's excited BuddyLuv will in the same school as her.
**She's excited that BuddyLuv will kind of know what it's like to have a lil'sis and big'bro.
**She's excited that maybe she'll be allowed to come over more often when we are closer.
**She's excited that I will get to know kind of what it is like to have a daughter.
We finished up, went to Build-a-Bear and had a great time. We named the bear Mama Bear. :-) When we got back, she proudly showed Kahuna the bear, declaring that it is a Mama Bear like me and Kahuna is the Daddy Bear.

I know Dude doesn't NOT like me. I can see that. But, he is still not all that comfortable around me. I feel like he is avoiding eye contact. Time is what I can offer him. Hopefully, over time, he will come around. I recognize that I do not control that. And, to that, I will not worry about it. As long as he doesn't hate me, I can love with that. Now, Build-a-Bears, that is one thing he hates. He actually went so far as to state before we left that Pumpkin gets more stuffed animals just because they "piss" him off. I have a hard time with him speaking like this. I know he is just "speaking his mind" and "being himself". But, I see his behavior as disrespectful. Hopefully we will be able to meet in the middle on this. Dude drove us to his house that night in the Honda. Kahuna was in the front. Pumpkin and I were in the back. We held each other's hand for dear life, said a prayer and covered our mouths with the other hand to surpress the expressions of sheer terror. It was scary that, even with his permit, he did not follow posted speeds, swerved a lot, took corners without breaking and almost ran a red arrow. OMG, I felt sick afterwards!

BuddyLuv is still doing really good when it comes to the move. He really wants to move about a month before school gets out. He believes that new kids are the cool kids. If he moves right before school ends, he will be the cool kid for part of this year. Plus, because he still plans to go away most of the summer, he will be the cool kid for at least part of next school year, too. He made the B honor roll, I believe. This is the first time he has done so well. He wouldn't have, had one teacher adjust their grade. He had not had rights to his gaming system for quite some time. There was a time when he had missing assignments and some poor test scores. We are struggling with him because, we see what good grades he got without putting in extra effort and reviewing things and what great grades he would get if he did the extra effort. He sees that he can work even less, and purposely NOT excel so he doesn't have to deal with the excitment and still get by with passing grades. We finally let him have the system back yesterday for one day because Kahuna had school all day and I worked all day. . . His attitude was crap by the end of the day. How do you make someone care?

On Monday night, Kahuna found out he may have to go to NC for work, leaving the next day. He did not want to go, so was not going to pack. Luckily he did because at 10 am Tuesday, I got the call to deliver him to the airport so that ne could leave at 1:30. I walked in the door to grad him and head out. He was on his Blackberry and headset, making important calls. We went downstairs, he NEEDED to amek me cum orally. Off I came and off we went. He was supposed to be gone until Friday. But, luckily, he came home Thursday.

This past week was a rough but blessed week for myfamily. Thursday my 9 year old niece had surgery to replace a piece of bone in her leg where a tumor was growing with that of a jar-grown bone. Though I have a hard time taking things my sister says at face value, if she is telling the truth, this will probably have to happen at various times over her life. I took Thursday off to be with my niece and gram. My niece is home now.

Gram 1
To follow this story, you need to know that I still have two grams. Gram is "regular gram. She is the one I grew up very close to and have always known well. I also have a gram-not-from-az-anymore. Most of my life, she lived out of state. I have never been close to her. She moved here, where she grew up. Anways, Gram was taken by ambulance last Saturday when they thought she was having a heart attack. She was sent home. Wednesday, she was again taken by ambulance. This time because of problems breathing. She was admitted. She is now off all of her meds, ALL of them and it was a lot. They are debating about sendig her home or to a transitional housing for a week.

Gram 2
As I was getting directions to the hospital, my mom called to tell me that they were taking gram-not-from-az-anymore to the hospital for a blood clot. Because it is disolving, she is home, now.

Well, there is more, of course, by my 13 year old is acting like a 2 year old. So, I have to go.

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