Monday, February 9, 2009

So much to say - so little time :-)

Life is just moving at full speed! babushka sold her house (a great relief) and we need to get her moved by the end of the month. Babushka and I have an accepted purchase offer to buy a home!!

A little over two weeks ago we were stressed over being able to find a place to rent - we turned it over to our higher power (OK - my higher power / her God) and 17 days later we are buying a beautiful home. There is a 3-week period where all of us will be in my 'basement' which will be interesting - we will be a close family!!!! BuddyLuv will be changing schools sooner than we had initially planned but he seems genuinely excited about it.

We went looking at all the stuff for a new house (blinds, appliances, etc.) which was just so much fun. Then we went and looked at engagement rings, which turned into less fun. This is a delicate issue for us that I think both Babushka and I try to have humor with one another about, but there are underlying fears and expectations. I am proud of us that we do not try to ignore it when it comes up. It is an area of growth that both of us can continue to explore our feelings/viewpoints about and what has occurred in our pasts to develop the different ways we look at marriage and what things are important to one another. I am confident that together we can overcome.

You know - We have been so neglectful of our blog the last few months. I was thinking today I do miss the regular participation in TMI, HNT and other things. I was reading a few of the 'naughty meme's' that circulated this weekend and realize I also miss the sexual side of our blog as well. I am reminded of the saying 'those who talk about sex aren't having it' and perhaps the reverse is true. Through all the stuff going on, we have been active - this weekend overly active!!! We ran the gamut of oral, anal, vaginal - the only thing we did not get to include were our toys, as they are packed for the move (much to my dismay). It just amazes me how wonderful sexuality can be when it is in its proper place - not the most important but a close 2nd or 3rd!!

Look forward to life getting little more calm by late spring, but I would not trade it for anyone else's life.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
'Just living the dream - Nick Bakay'

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Dana said...

This is FABULOUS news! I am so excited for all of you!!