Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TMI #174 - Kahuna

1. What is your favorite charity? Do you you give your time or just money to that charity?
I am not a real fan of giving to charity - perhaps it is my overly skeptical nature. Every year our company has a United Way pledge drive and my boss is never happy that I am the one leader who will not participate. I prefer to give my time and financial resources to individuals whom are in need.

2. Describe your bed. What side do you sleep on?
Right now I sleep on my futon in the basement I rent but in 4 weeks I will be sleeping in the right side of a bed with my wonderful Babushka

3. How important is a partners kissing ability?
Babushka is such a wonderful kisser that I take it for granted, but the ability for a person to convey affection in their kiss is very important to me.

4. Have you ever "taken advantage" of a person under the influence of alcohol? Have you ever been "taken advantage" of while under the influence of alcohol?
Back in my single days in Maui, I would need to answer affirmative to both sides of the question. Sadly alcohol had much too much influence on all behaviors in my life early on.

5. Ever tried to replay the famous scene from From Here to Eternity? How was it?
Not intentionally, but reflecting back on #4 there was a time or two where a trip to the beach occurred.

Bonus (as in optional): What kind of birth control do you use?
The big V for me.

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