Friday, May 18, 2007

Call a Lumberjack.......We Have Wood

So riddle me this........

I surprise Babushka at her Park and Ride to bring her to work. As we pull out of the park and ride she begins to try and "pull out". She rubs my crotch and begins fumbling with my jeans as I get to the stop sign. I eye the freeway ahead as I hear my lovely say "Are you going to help me?"

At this point my mind wonders what the appropriate response would be:
  1. "Help you what?"
  2. "Are you sure we should do this?"
  3. "Sorry, I really need to focus my full attention on the road."

So of course I did not use any of those responses - of course I unbuckled and unzipped as fast as I possibly could (Guys are just SOOOOO predictable) and proceeded to drive the next 7 miles while the lovely Ms. B stroked my cock until I came all over my Golden Gopher Sweatshirt she had placed on my lap (Glad I had thrown that in my back seat).

During this drive of ecstasy toward climax I hear but two sentences of pure wisdom from my lovely Babushka:
  • Sweetie, you seem to be slowing down noticeably
  • You may not want to wear your sweatshirt today
Work does not seem so bad today :-)

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'


Gillette said...

Oh yum...driving down the highway, cock out being loved. Life doesn't get any better than that!!

Babushka said...

Except, of course, if you count Kahuna's single handed driving on the way home. . . Other hand gently, softly, slowly rubbing over my clit and with my lips until my first experience of a public orgasm. That was beautiful, fun and so amazing!

Gillette said...

OH my...wonderful. So happy you two have the driving thing down. Makes for nice trips!