Thursday, September 20, 2007

Afterglow HNT

Our blog has been a bit light with HNT lately. I truly admire all of those HNTers who come up with these wonderful 'themes' or backgrounds. I wish Babushka and I had the time together to get half-nekkid and pose for a few hours.......................although I would prolly get her fully-nekkid and ravish her endlessly and still have no elegant photos!!!!!

Monday night we had a couple hours to enjoy ourselves. Babushka posted an absolutely beautiful prose on the evening.............but just to clarify she DID cum twice :-)

We spent our last couple minutes snapping some photos for the next few weeks. I wish I knew how to link so when you click the photo a more-nekkid photo pops up, but alas I do not so that picture will have to wait.

Is it just me, or does she look better in my shirt than I do!!!!!!!!!
Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Happy HNT to all


tkkerouac said...

Love the colour, I did the shirt theme today. Must be a fall thing, Happy HNT!

Stealth said...

oooo nothing sexier than a man's shirt on a woman...

Just lovely


~d said...

I would love to tell you how to do the (click here) and you see another pic.
I am going to go and search and see if you have your email posted.
Happy HNT!
(o, and she does look lovely in your shirt!)

~d said...
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~d said...

check this out

Click the one pic to bring up the
I threw this together to make sure this is what you want to do.
If so, piece of cake, yo!


Keyser Soze said...

Awesome! HHNT!

Lapis Ruber said...

Women always look better in a lover's shirt and she is no exception. Happy Belated HNT.