Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day to all the Laborers...

........I hope everyone had a very enjoyable weekend. I spent a long weekend watching outdoor baseball with my son - A very enjoyable time for a father and his son.
I only saw Babushka for a short time today after driving back from Milwaukee, but it was time well spent. My Babushka had a tough weekend and needed a shoulder to cry on for a little while. I am so grateful that I get to be that shoulder. I love that she can be upset, angry, vulnerable and share those things with me. We share hope with the other when we are feeling down and hopeless. She was my hope last week, I was hers this week.

Even though I enjoyed my time with the Conman, I missed my Babushka tremendously. I look forward to a time where we were together on these types of trips. I also look forward to a time when BuddyLuv can enjoy similar types of bonding with me.

To end on a positive note, Babushka and I were able to sneak a little 'us' time while BuddyLuv and a friend were playing video games. We sat talking, which led to feet rubbing legs to hands touching feet to flirting cock sticking straight out of my fully clothed body sliding into the wet and waiting pussy of Babushka's fully clothed self. A very quiet yet intimate fuck which led to her whispering to "taste her right now" and ultimately her muffled orgasm against my tongue. I am glad that sexual connection can be a part of our healing process - and a wet and willing Babushka is hard to beat (so to speak).

Get Busy Livin' and Get Busy Dyin'

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