Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TMI Tuesday #100

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?
KAHUNA – The bedroom of a girl I met at a mall – Horrible experience

BABUSHKA - No where exciting or romantic. . . Just a bedroom.

2. Does size matter? (open to interpretation boys and girls)
KAHUNA – Most guys I know inherently think size is the ultimate measure (no pun intended) and that they are woefully inadequate. To hear us talk, if we are not swinging around 10 inches then our gals are missing out.

I will make a confession that I am not sure I told Babushka fully about. I was very worried and self-conscious with her for quite a while. Her previous fiancé and BF before him were both of the genetic makeup that lends to swinging the foot-long and I assume they were swinging said length/girth. Right or not, I just felt like I was not enough for her and that I was letting her down.

Babushka has never led me to believe that I am anything other than perfectly proportioned. She enjoys herself and looks forward to any opportunity to spend time with my ‘not quite a foot’ J. It seems from what I have read from women on the topic that although ‘pinkie dink’ is in fact a problem that average size is just fine for most gals. Plus average makes other activities much more enjoyable as well.

BABUSHKA - Size does matter, but only the size of the non-physical person. . . Their heart. I used to worry that my breasts were too big. 34DD. They would just lead to sagging and being unattractive. Plus, the size was too big to be taken seriously.

It is funny, I used to worry, too, that the size of my pussy mattered, too. The ex who once convinced me that all I had were my faults and him had me convinced that my pussy was not attractive because it was not tight and virginal. He would get on my case when anything happened to leak out of me onto the sheets. It was my fault cause I was the wrong size.

For men, size does matter as in I am not a fan of pain. So, for our culture and our country, yes, size does matter. For me, no. My breasts are a part of me that Kahuna adores, kisses, caresses and even massages when they are swollen.

3. Have you ever had sex in your office or your place of employment?
KAHUNA – Nope, although it makes for a nice fantasy…….
BABUSHKA - No way Jose!

4. Ever been skinny dipping?
KAHUNA – Not that I recall but I could definitely see Babushka and I swimming au natural.
BABUSHKA - Not as of yet. :-)

5. Top or bottom?
KAHUNA – I like the flexibility of both with Babushka. I think we enjoy taking charge of the other or being taking charge of by the other.
BABUSHKA - Both! I LOVE when Kahuna is ontop of me, encircling me. . . I feel as if he is shielding me from the world. I LOVE being ontop of Kahuna because this is something I am finally getting comfortable with, and that has only happened with him.

Bonus: Where were you September 11, 2001? What were you doing when you first heard about the twin towers?
KAHUNA – I was at the office with the flu. I ended up going home around 11:00am and watched news coverage while in bed.
BABUSHKA - At the office, we heard the first plane had crashed. We heard the second one had crashed. We went down to the smoke break room and watched the TV, the only one available. Everyone was silent. I left the office just to be home. I think it was about a week before I slept for more than an hour. I just never wanted to miss a moment of life. I think it was about a month before we quit sleeping on the couch, BuddyLuv in my arms. I just never wanted to be away from him.

I hear a plane overhead as I write this. Funny how I remember calling my mom in the middle of the night one of the following evenings to see if she heard the plane that was going over. There was supposed to be no flying.


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Shibari said...

Great Answers Guys... You arewonderful.. hope you had a good tuesday...xoxo