Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Babushka's Turn

Hello, all!

I am so sorry that I was not able to post along with Kahuna. . . I didn't feel it was a very good idea to be writing this post on the job. . . I have copied Kahuna's answers here, even if you have already seen them, just because I like having our answers together.

Leather, lace or silk?
Kahuna – Silk, because it keeps me cool
Babushka - Leather, lace AND silk!

Do you subscribe (or regularly buy) to any "dirty" magazines? Which ones?
Kahuna – No I do not. The internet replaces any need for magazines.
Babushka - Kahuna took my answer!

Have you ever had sex in water (tub/pool/lake/ocean)?
Kahuna – Does the beach of an ocean count??

Babushka - That is one first I look forward to. So. . . not yet. But check back, I might just have a story soon!

The three words that best describe you in bed are ____, ____, and ____. Three words that best describe your most recent partner in bed are ____, ____, and ____
Kahuna – (Myself = Diligent, Confident, Satisfied)
(Babushka = Soft, Sexy, Vocal)
Babushka - (Myself = Vocal, Adventures, Sensual)
(Kahuna = Amazing, Diligent, Fun)

Did you lose your virginity as an impetuous youth, "to prove that you loved" him/her, because of a romantic gesture, a newly wed or other (please describe because I can't think of what an "other" might be)?
Kahuna – Other: I was met a gal at the mall with a friend who told me this gal liked me and would. He also reminded me of the embarrassment I should feel at 17/18 for still being a virgin. It was awkward and disappointing.
Babushka - Other (see introduction)

Bonus (as in optional): Name three words that:a) get you excited b) make you squirm c) make you laugh
Kahuna – I Adore You. . .
Babushka - I Adore You. . .


Lolly said...

Cool answers!

Thanks for sharing ;)

Green Eyes said...

I adore you does have both effects, doesn't it?!?!?