Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Morning Sure Feels Fine......

Does anyone else have those blogging lapses?

Life seems so busy sometimes between school, kids, work, etc... - the blog seems to be what gets neglected lately. Seems like all we get to do is TMI Tuesday and every other HNT Thursday.

All things considered, life is wonderful. There are certainly areas of my life that gets frustrating or where I get impatient, but recovery allows me to put these areas in their proper perspective.

Coming down the homestretch to completing the Bachelor's degree. I am near the end of Managerial Ethics, with only Business Law and Capstone remaining until I complete the degree that I began in 1984?!?!? How do I plan to celebrate - study for my GMAT and gather applications for MBA programs. What I do question though - is a $60,000-$80,000 MBA really any more valuable than a $25,000 MBA?

Princess just had her 10th Birthday and could not be more excited to be "double digits". She is already looking forward to school, making me take her supply shopping as soon as Target put their supplies out. Dude turns 14 in 3 weeks and would be happy never returning to school -he just wants to play baseball all year round. They are both amazing kids and have handled the separation/divorce so much better than I imagined. I look forward to when they get to meet and spend time with Babushka.

Very slow going. There are times that I regret agreeing to continue to pay the mortgages and the bills (over 90% of my take home pay) through the end of the next school year so the Ex and the kids can live without significant disruption. I am going in debt and the Ex is really taking a loooong time to look for a job. With that said, it was my choice and desire to go through this process with dignity and grace, being a better ex-husband than I was a husband. Sure - I get frustrated because I would like to be acknowledged or appreciated for this. Recovery allows me to remember that it is not about her response or about me, really. It is about behaving in a way that I feel good about, worthy about and my way of making my amends.

Good News/Bad News: Job Security in place for now, with new owners looking to grow the company after 5 years of post-bankruptcy complaisance. Of course I now have $200 Million of sub-prime mortgage accounts to convert at the end of this month and another $250 Million to convert the end of next month, on top of my "real" responsibilities. Lot's of time in the office.

What can I say of Babushka - she is warm-hearted, loving, caring, and horny! Add to that her misguided belief that I am handsome :-) and this make for one blessed Kahuna. When my neck or back are tense she massages me........When I am hungry she makes me peanut butter cookies.....and when I ask to watch the news she changes the channel, pulls my clothes off and begins giving me a blow job and then looks up and asks if I am ready for bed. Needless to say I keep missing the weather report :-)

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Life is wonderful and too damn short - hurry up and enjoy!

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