Thursday, October 11, 2007

Double Breasted HNT

This is a first for us - a joint HNT!!

I decided to overcome my self-consciousness and post a pic that Babushka took from above.

As most of us, I see myself as less than attractive, although that is changing. It is amazing how as we feel better about ourselves on the inside that we see ourselves as more attractive on the outside. One thing though - I swear I am not that pale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (nor is my stomach that big is it???)

Oh well, the lens never lies.....Have a great HNT everyone!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'


Lapis Ruber said...

Of course the camera can lie - but only you can tell if it is in this case. Better a natural truth than an unnatural lie I always think. It's a great "togetherness" pic. Happy HNT

Zoely said...

I like it. You look fine & she looks wonderful. HHNT!

~d said...

I totally appreciate (self image) 'issues'.
I do.
I love the picture!
You and babushka love one another...and isn't that REALLY all that matters?

everytime I see HER name, I sing this!

Suze said...

Good sex makes us loose our inhibitions and just enjoy.

All of us have a bad self image it's a question of learning to love ourselves and not be too superficial.

Great shot! ;)

searabbit said...

I'm late ;-(...
Your words touched me a lot... Don't we all feel amazingly attractive when we are loved? I think it is the feeling that makes us glow and feels great!
That photo is very intimate, I like it a lot!