Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TMI Tuesday #106

1. What are your 7 favorite tactile things that turn you on? Sex (like oral, or penetrative) cannot be an answer. (Examples: silk, light tickling, etc).
· Kissing Babushka’s Neck
· Giving Babushka a massage w/ lotion
· Babushka lightly touching/rubbing my neck, arms, chest (OK-Anywhere works)
· Talking about naughty scenarios involving another woman/other women with Babushka
· Babushka mouthing naughty thoughts in her mind of what she wants while we are out in public.
· Hearing Babushka say to me “Guess What….”
· Babushka following “Guess What….” with “…..I adore you”

2. What are your non-genital errogenous zones and what do you like done to them?
· My Neck: Kissed softly and rubbed
· My Feet: Massaged with lotion
· My Butt: Licked and gently bit

3. What sounds get you sexually charged?
· The sound of a vibrator
· The sound of Babushka’s voice

4. After losing your virginity, what is the longest you’ve gone without penetrative sex?
· Before Marriage – Approx. 16 Months
· During Marriage – Approx. 21 Months
· Since Babushka – Less than 1 Month

5. What is your least favorite sexual position? Why don't you like it?
· I suppose I would say reverse cowgirl, because Babushka and I have never done it and when she is on top I like seeing her face and breasts.

Bonus (as in optional): If you could sexually dominate or submit to 5 people - any 5, currently living or deceased - which 5 would it be?

· Babushka (of course)
· Jewel De’ Nyle
· Jennifer Love-Hewitt
· Shibari – Of course she would be dominated by both Babushka and I!!!
· Gillette – Not for D/S but to have her personally teach Babushka and I the ‘ins and outs’ of Tantric Sex

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