Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TMI #105 - Dating Edition

1. What was the first movie you saw on a date??
KAHUNA – I have no recollection – Waaaay to long ago

2. Who was the first person you kissed on a date? [First name is fine.]?
KAHUNA – My first girlfriend, Lena when I was 15 years old

3. Where was the first place you ever "parked" (on a date)?
KAHUNA I assume it was with the gal from question #2, unless ‘parked’ assumes you went all the way with the person.

4. Have you ever gone on a date with someone you met via the internet? If not, would you?
KAHUNA – I have not internet dated and the only way that would occur is if there was a post-Babushka period in my life (Not holding my breath)…….unless we are looking together for a beautiful third.

5. What is the most romantic thing you have done on a first date?
KAHUNA – Romantic is so subjective based on who it is with and the expectations for said date. As an example, before my first ‘official’ date with Babushka I surprised her at a Dierks Bentley concert with a Cowboy hat in hand so she would have one at the concert.

Bonus (as in optional): Describe the best date you have ever been on.
KAHUNA – Every next-date with Babushka is my best date. As we are celebrating her Birthday on Saturday, that will be the best date I have been on - unless I f*ck it up :-)

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searabbit said...

You are really in love... and it is so beautiful!!!
Happy TMI!