Monday, February 11, 2008

-15 Below is getting old..........

.......and apparently so am I, based on the 'VIP' letter I received in the mail on Friday
Granted, I am not in my 20's (or even 30's if honesty is required) but I only need a scooter if I am in the grocery store looking to run over all the people who block the row for 20 minutes contemplating the meaning of the cosmos while staring at cans of tomato sauce!

Other than that, the weekend was an important one. Babushka started her 2nd job so I was in charge of watching BuddyLuv on Sunday. It was our first truly extended time together, just the two of us. It went very well, he helped me clean the house (as only a 12-year old can) and make dinner for my lovely one.

I so admire my Babushka. She works so hard and does this without complaining about it. Her first weekend at the new job and she was singled out for her excellence (Not uncommon). This is a short-term venture for her but I know difficult it is to work a full time job Mon-Fri and then work Sat-Sun at another. She deserves all of the pampering a certain Kahuna can give her - cooking, cleaning, orgasmic relief......

I adore you, my beautiful Babushka!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
"Sanity is madness put to good use" - George Santayana


Babushka said...

My Kahuna~

My knight in shining armor! I adore you more than I will ever be able to show you or tell you! You are my heart! Thank you for taking care of BuddyLuv and thank you for taking care of me! I had the nicest smile on my face when I was soaking my aching legs in the tub and I could hear you and BuddyLuv cooking for me! Thank you!

Babushka said...

Oh, and for everyone else. . . I have a desk job Mon-Fri. Saturdays and Sundays I waitress. I have had three knee surgeries, and am still a bit over weight. So, this is very hard on my legs. But, like Kahuna said, this is short term. As long as I don't damage my knees more, I will be fine. :-) I must do all that I can to take care of my family! That includes my Kahuna!