Friday, February 1, 2008

Glad the week is finally over.....

After Tuesday's TMI my week kinda went to hell
  • Computer decided it was done (at work and home)
  • Car battery decided it was done (at 12 below zero)
  • Molar decided it was done (actually it would not stop hurting)
So between an emergency laptop, emergency car battery and an emergency root canal I missed HNT Thursday and went further in debt, which in turn triggers angry thoughts of the ex-that-won't seem to become an ex because it is easier to spend all the money I earn rather than go earn her own (not that I am bitter or anything).

But it could be so much worse, couldn't it. I have Babushka, who never ceases to amaze me with her compassion, understanding, internal strength, uncommon love for others and seeming unquenchable desire to play/fiddle with/stroke/suck my cock!

Other than the pain in my tooth, I would not trade this week for anything. I made it through the week strong, sober and still have Babushka in my heart.

Get Busy Livin or Get Busy Dyin
Perspective might be the anti-lock brake of our drive through life


SeaRabbit said...

Ishhh... bad week!!!
We also have a case of lazy ex unable to find a job... no matter if he paid her study... after separation... I can't prevent myself to think that some really have their way to have an easy life...;-((( Parasites...

Biscuit said...

Ow! That was one hell of a bad week! Hope you have a relaxing weekend to erase it all.

Big Kahuna said...

SeaRabbit - Sadly there are those who believe that they are 'owed' a living by others. Funny they never end up truly being happy.

Hi Biscuit - Pretty relaxing. Took in a girls high school hockey game today.

Thanks to you both

Babushka said...

SeaRabbit and Biscuit, Thank you so much for stopping by. It is Sunday , the beginning of a new week. Hopefully things will get better.

Gillette said...

This will be a great week, I know. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!"