Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Divorce - I could really use your help!

Where do I start? Help! Help me help Kahuna.

We are in a terribe spot. We do not want to make things worse. But, how do we know what the right thing to do is!?!

The divorce has been on at some level for over a year and a half. We have no end in site. We don't even have a clue as to when that end will be in site. We cannot even get an answer as to why we do not have a date. Seems the attorney is too busy. This after she show up to the WRONG location for a pre-trial.

We cry weekly about this. Kahuna has a terrible feeling in his gut that in the end, he will be fucked beyond his worst nightmares.

And still, no answers because the attorney is too busy.

This morning we talked about the option of finding a new attorney. He said that he had found a firm during his initial search that concentrates on fathers rights. But, he went with this one because of a reference (I think).

But, do are the delays and starting over worth it? Are attorney seriously so money hungry that they can and do take on more than they can handle, stringing people along and giving crappy slow service so that they can rack up their charges? Can an attorney be sued for being a crappy attorney?

Meanwhile, the princess bitch sits up in her castle with all the emeneties I have never even considered necessary, driving the two year old $500/mo car watching her extensive cable package, talking on 1 of the 3 family blackberry devices and waiting for the perfect (non crap) job that is not beneath her to come knocking on the door, all courtesy of Kahuna who has been advised that he cannot end any services or she will claim he is causing hardship to the children.

So, does anyone have any advice? Thoughts? Similiar experiences?

He filed for a temp stay of relief. The trial is 4/4. But, there is another 90 days before the judge has to give a response to that. So, what, that puts us at 2 years of waiting for the final TRIAL DATE scheduling? How can that be?

Kahuna, we will be ok. We will make it. I have faith in your making the decision that is right for you and for us. Hopefully, putting this out there will get some ideas or thoughts we have missed.

PS. To anyone willing to link to this particular blog so we can get as much assistance as possible, I would be forever grateful.

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