Thursday, March 20, 2008

It has been waaay tooo long.....

......Since I/we have posted anything other than TMI Tuesday. Definitely too long since we have posted for HNT but my camera is put away (in between residences right now). This has been the first time in a while that I have been able to go to some blogs of yore and read (btw - Happy Birthday Stealth!).

In catching up I came across a virgin.....well, not exactly but she speaks virgin. She posted at Obasso's site and I must say her St. Patty's Day girls reminded me of Babushka. I was reading some of her older posts and this one rang a bell for the last week with my lovely Babushka.

BuddyLuv is gone for spring break so Babushka and I have been 'Home Alone' and damn if I am not tired from all the sex, sex, sex!! Virgin was saying that she may just kill the poor guy she ends up with....or his cock may fall off. I can relate (not complaining at all). I have my kids tonight so we are not together, but she already called to let me know she is dreading no sex tonight before bed......or my rolling on her at 2:00am to fuck her........or my rolling on her at 4:00am to fuck her.......or the early morning oral orgasm I love her to have on my tongue before work.

She always says that I will get frustrated with her cause' she is so spoiled....expecting sex all the time from me.

Funny - I do not feel frustrated!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin' least get shaggin'


Tara Tainton said...

Wow... sounds like you two are really living it up! Just as you ought to be. ;) I think I'll take direction from you and start taking better advantage of my own partner working at home now.... see ya! ;)


Anonymous said...

What an interesting blog! I found you through a lot of blog jumping around. I hope you don't mind that I continue to read here!

I added you to my links list. There is a note about that in my most recent post.