Saturday, August 25, 2007

Remember When #1

Shortly before we gave life to this blog, becoming Kahuna and Babushka, Kahuna was following some blogs. I remember the first one he mentioned, An American in Greece . . . He also mentioned how he started to see couples blogs like Their Epidermis is Showing. They could be so intimate! So wild! So erotic! They could be anything!

Everyone has a reason to be blogging, if only to find their reason for blogging. He started what is now our blog in the hopes of someday sharing it with me. I have struggled a bit when it comes to blogging.

***I really do not have anything to say that is profound and thought provoking like Gillette - Courtesan not Razor, whom we have read from day one.

***I don’t have amazing erotic stories like so many of you.

***I don’t have a many issues for which I need advice and resolution(for those of you who write about those issues, I wish you peace and patience as you resolve those issues).

***And, I don't know everyone on this earth like Osbasso - Man, Myth and Legend, who has inspired so many with HNT!

Then today, it struck me. Why did I, Babushka, start blogging?

It was not only because I loved the thought that, at the beginning of “us” beginning something like a blog. It was because I truly saw this as something bigger than an on line journal. I saw this as our opportunity to create something everlasting that we can look back on someday and share laughs and smiles. A “remember when” mixed with a “look what we made it through”. But, that doesn’t work when you do not write what you want to remember!

So, here is my first “REMEMBER WHEN”!

Remember when. . . I got my concussion?

Lets see, we would have been together about what. . . 6 months. BuddyLuv was in bed. We were sitting sideways on the couch, facing each other. Whatever you were saying, you had me laughing so hard that I rolled backwards (I thought it was soft up to that point)!

The corner of the wood within the padding hit the back of my head just right. . . BAM! OUCH!

For a second, everything was black. BuddyLuv heard the crash and came out to see what had happened. I was laughing while crying and you were holding me while trying to explain to BuddyLuv that I was ok and what had happened.

You held me for a moment and asked if you should take me to the hospital. I told you I was fine. I could see the concern on your face, so I tried to convince you I was fine. I told you it was late. You needed to get home and sleep. I shooed you out the door even though you offered to stay.

Less than 5 minutes later I called you in a panic because I had come to my senses, sort of, and realized that my sight was not right. I kind of freaked out.

In no time, you were there again, by my side, comforting me as best you could. . . being there so I could relax. No matter what we have ever gone though, just your presence alone calms me. I laid there against your chest, trying to stay calm. I relaxed.

About an hour later, you said my eyes looked better. I just wanted to go to bed. Not my smartest move. Thank God His Angels were watching over me and allowed me to wake the next morning!

My sight still acting up, I drove to work in the hopes of getting an appointment at Urgent Care. Yeah, not a smart move, either. 30 minutes after I got to work, I was in tears, scared about my sight. They would not see me at Urgent Care and advised that I was to go straight to the hospital. Without a second thought, you canceled meetings and took me to the nearest hospital. You sat with me for forever waiting to get in. I was fine. I knew I was. . . sort of. . . So I asked you to please go back to work. You are an important man and I greatly appreciated your being there and dropping everything for me. But, this time, it was unnecessary.

Yep, I had a concussion. They were not too worried about my sight, it was already getting better. If it were not all the way better in a few days, I should follow up with my doctor. So, back you came to get me.

You are my Kahuna. I adore you with all my smiling heart!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'!

This is us livin' in all of our glory!

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Big Kahuna said...

I Remember.............better now than during our discussion in the car :-)

Perhaps I had the concussion today last week