Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tropical / Topical HNT

Before today's HNT I must say I got the most wonderful call at the gym this morning. I had just gotten out of the shower after exercising and who was on the phone but my lovely Babushka. She called to inform me that she was Nekkid and thinking of me. She proceeded to grab her silver bullet and bring herself to a gloriously loud orgasm while I was trying to hold the phone and get dressed. I know the older gentleman was wondering what I was doing - on my cellphone but barely saying a word (other than "cum for me" as she started to orgasm).

With school starting soon for her son and my kids, our summer of sexual freedom has now come to an end. We will need to use technology to help us "fill in the gap". Of course, a woman playing with her pussy and cumming on the phone is erotic - guys stroking their cock on the phone is not and is a sure fire way to find oneself on NBC dateline.

Now to the HNT............................Nothing too risque this week but personally enjoy seeing Babushka's 36DD's all dolled up..........begging me to set them free!!!!

Happy TMI to all of you


SeaRabbit said...

No need to be risky for being beautiful!! I love the choice of jewelry... the colour is exquisite!

Vixen said...



tkkerouac said...

Very Beautiful! Happy HNT!

Keyser Soze said...


Stealth said...

*she wore a pearl necklace!!*