Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TMI Tuesday #97

1. What is the deal with Blue Balls?
KAHUNA – The deal with it is that it bites!! I typically get blue (sore) balls from things other than lack of sex – like too much sex. Seriously – they are painful and occur from awkward stretches, sitting on them, etc… One disadvantage of being a guy I suppose.
BABUSHKA - I always thought they were a myth to convince young girls that the you guys NEED to have sex! After all, the young girls cause them, right!?!

2. What is the hottest
vehicular sex scene in a movie?
KAHUNA – Good Question – No scene comes to mind right now.

BABUSHKA - Uhm. . . I know it was not a movie, but it should have been! There was a time when Kahuna drove me home and drove me to a powerful orgasm along the way! In a real movie, I can only remember pieces of the only vehicular sex scene I can remember. . . Something about a guy (Tall, Dark, Handsome. . . on a sitcom now. . .) who kidnaps a lady (blond rich girl) with a candy bar as the fake gun and I think they run to Mexico. . . But I remember the drive scene!

3. Strap-on? yes, no, give, receive?
KAHUNA – Neither as of yet but absolutely open to both give and receive. Babushka and I are both extremely fond of activities which would promote the use of such an apparatus.
BABUSHKA - Kahuna, you are too perfect for me! Yes, we both love toys and are always looking forward to the next adventure! I would love to find a strap-on with vibrator on my side so that I can cum as I am stroking my "cock" in and out of his ass watching him enjoy the open, safe, environment we create. Before, the thought would have scared the crap out of me! A man open to play such as this was gay and therefore NOT someone I would want to be with. But now, I have learned that we are both at a place where we want to please. As long as we stay within this safe, open, honest and transparent environment we have created, there is no need to avoid what may be a beautiful thing out of fear. There is no fear. As for receiving/giving with another female, I guess I have thought about it and the idea is pleasing. It is a nice thought and cane make for some nice photos.

4. What is the average penis length?
KAHUNA – 3 Inches…………Damn, I am well hung!!!!!
BABUSHKA - UHM....... I would have to see them ALL to get an average.

5. How do you stimulate his prostate? Guys, do you like it?
KAHUNA – Babushka just did this with a toy of ours about a week and a half ago. It seems to work somewhat similar in approach to finding the G-Spot on a woman. Loved it would be an understatement for me – amazing orgasm!!
BABUSHKA - Yep, thats how! While he is on his back, kneel at the side of him. Slowly work a lubricated longer toy into the rim of his ass. Slowly slide it in and out, going a little farther each time. Once it is in a decent amount, start using your mouth and other hand in ways that please him. As his pleasure heightens, allow the toy to remain fully inserted and start turning it in circles, as if you are stirring something. Using your one hand and mouth on the cock and balls, other hand on the toy, keep this movement (modified to better please in that instance) until Viola! He tingles from head to toe and giggles at the feeling!

Bonus (as in optional): Confession Tuesday... tell me a secret!
KAHUNA – If I told you it would not be a secret now would it?!?!
BABUSHKA - Don't have any. . . I am an open book! Just ask! And, if you come up with something new I have not shared before, I will tell you just as soon as I tell Kahuna I found something he doesn't already know about me!

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