Thursday, January 3, 2008

364 Days left to improve....

.....after a less than stellar start to 2008. As Babushka noted below, we had a bit of a rough start to the new year, yet I can look back at it now and see promise.

New Years Eve was pretty much a cluster of my own doing, but some good came out of the post-cluster cleanup:
  • I am determined to become more comfortable with the thought of 'disappointing' my kids by not changing my plans to fit into their needs
  • Babushka and I continue to discuss and address difficult issues rather than try to ignore them or gloss them over
  • I know in my heart that I can be less than perfect with Babushka and be forgiven by her if I screw things up (This is a big step for me)
  • For the first time in my life I experienced what I would consider "Make-Up Sex" - Reconnecting after a time of discomfort or conflict
I continue to be confused/disappointed with my son about the whole NYE incident. As a typical 14-year old he is less than forthcoming with internal thoughts that he has. I admit I was somewhat taken by surprise by his reluctance to meet Babushka and BuddyLuv, but I must be patient. He is not yet at the place of acceptance necessary but God will help him with that. He is a thoughtful young man.

2008 will be a challenging year but I anticipate great things. My higher power did not bring me to this place by chance - the plan is in place. My task is to simply step out of the way and do the next right thing.

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
If the path of life was easy, we would never appreciate our accomplishments along the journey

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