Tuesday, January 8, 2008

TMI - Post Holiday Return

After a holiday season back - Here I am with Babushka to share her wisdom after a hard day at the office - Happy TMI everyone!!!!!

1) Do you have/ever had any dating or sex superstitions? (Wear 'lucky jeans' on first date, always light a vanilla candle, etc.) If so, what are they?
KAHUNA – I wish I had some clever answer but I do not. Perhaps I will start throwing salt over my shoulder (onto Babushka!)

2) If you were stranded on the old deserted island and a genie appeared who could only grant you one wish -- to bring one of the following people to join you, who would it be?
- your spouse/significant other
- an unrequited love or some person you've had a crush on
- an old/past love
- your best friend
KAHUNA – Babushka, of course!.............with Jewel De’Nyle carrying her luggage :-)

3) Tell us "weather or not" you're in the mood -- how does rain, snow, sleet, scorching heat, sweltering humidity etc. affect your libido.
KAHUNA – Do not know if I can ever ‘not be in the mood’ once Babushka starts to rub me. Snow falling makes me romantic and causes me to endlessly kiss Babushka if we are together and miss her tremendously if she is not with me.

4) Are you a crying drunk, an angry drunk, a 'I'm drunk, let's screw' sort of a drinker? (And, if you do not drink -- which one of those things is the reason?)
KAHUNA – I can be all of those when I am drunk, which is why I no longer drink.

5) Who turns you on the most & why:
- the activist
- the author
- the care-giver/healer (nurse, doctor, masseuse, herbalist, chiropractor etc.)
- the comedian
- the educator (professor, teacher, mentor etc.)
- the model
- the musician
- the politician
- the scientist
KAHUNA – Caregiver: Babushka takes wonderful care of me………and she is one hot nurse in her fishnets and 36DD peeking out of her nurses uniform!!

Bonus (as in optional): Looking back, what's the one thing you've done which was supposed to be erotic, but didn't quite work out?
KAHUNA – Get Married

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