Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cold enough for you.....................

It has been a cold few days up in the frozen tundra up north - perfect illustration of my week last week. As with everything else, time thaws the weather as well as my demeanor. Babushka captured much of those challenges in her last blog. I was going to blog that night she did, but mine would have been much angrier. In hindsight I am glad Babushka worded everything so eloquently.

The call that she referred to from the 4 nieces was right at the height of my internal anger and was exactly what I needed. Who can stay angry when 4 wonderful girls tell you how much they miss you. :-) It does amaze me that I have truly known these girls so little yet they mean so much to me. BuddyLuv is becoming a larger focus in my life as well and I have the same worries she has except I wonder when they will ask me to leave.

I am in fact a college graduate - only took 23 years!!! I was sad that my kids (Dude and Pumpkin) but understand. The integration of my kids into the life that Babushka and I are developing is a concern for me (as I know it is for Babushka as well). Patience and flexibility is needed by us all but it is not easy.

No TMI Tuesday this week - all the book questions were a bit too much and my darling Babushka is sick. I think I will wait to post an HNT until Babushka and I get time to take some new photos of her showing off our shrinking bodies (She is down 17lbs and I am down 12lbs since our last photos were taken in the fall!!!!).

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Divorce may blow but the Packers suck!!!!

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