Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TMI - Better late than never

Hello, All!

I am so sorry that this is late. It was a rough day yesterday. Just a reminder of who truly supports you, who you can trust. . . And, who you cannot.

That promotion I, "would be perfect for" that my director, "cannot see anyone else coming in here better qualified or better fit" for AND that my supervisor, "may have to review applicants after HR does because sometimes people qualify but hr does not give them proper credit" slipped away. . . without my supervisor taking the time to go in and review the applications. I cannot even begin to express my disappointment. . .

But, there is a reason. So, lets go onto TMI instead. . .

1) Would you stay in a relationship with a physically unfaithful partner?

KAHUNA – Yes. Having been on the other side of that ‘fence’ in my previous relationship I am aware of the fact that most people do not simply wake up one morning and decide to have sex with someone. There is a pattern of unhappiness and neglect that has occurred. I would want to understand what I have done to neglect Babushka in such a way that she would pursue this option.

BABUSHKA - In the past, no way in hell. If someone would rather cheat than work on the problems, then they did not want to be with me and I did not want to be with them. Now, yes with "buts". But, I would not take the blame or accept that "I" did something wrong to make Kahuna cheat. Just like if I were to cheat, it would not be solely because of something Kahuna did or did not do. But, we would need to both have a desire to do whatever is necessary to get back to us. Our relationship is a shared, giving relationship of equals and balance. If I cheated, or he cheated, "We" would have something "we" need to work on. But, we would need to do whatever we needed to do to allow for healing time, forgiveness and growth. But, it could not be a pattern. If it were, than none of the other buts could be true, which would be truly scary and unhealthy.

2) Would you stay in a relationship with an emotionally unfaithful partner?

KAHUNA – Yes, although if this was a continual, ongoing pattern of behavior I would not continue in the relationship.

BABUSHKA - Same as my first answer.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how important is the recognition of birthdays to you (your's, a friend's, a partner's)?

KAHUNA – Perhaps a 3 or a 4.

BABUSHKA - Very! Like, 8. Yes, it is just a date. But, it is a celebration of your life. Although, I agree that we should celebrate our lives all the time!

4. When you have a "toe-curling" orgasm, do your toes curl up, or down?

KAHUNA – Down (How do toes curl up?)

BABUSHKA - (laughing) To tell you the truth, when I have a toe-curling orgasm, I am so filled with joy, peace and pleasure that I have never paid attention to the direction of my toes. . .

5. Every one has a pet peeve, tell me one of yours.

KAHUNA – In general I would say clutter – Specifically I would say a messy kitchenBonus

BABUSHKA - Before, I would have paniced after reading Kahuna's answer. But, luckily, he agrees that things like that are not worth fighting over. If it bothers you that much, assist with or fix it yourself. My pet peeve would be. . . I cannot think of one.

BONUS: (as in optional): Name someone famous who you have no sexual interest in but would have sex with just to brag about it?

KAHUNA – I am not a celebrity-type person. If I do not find someone sexually attractive there is no chance I would ever have sex with them.



My Fiancee is HOT © said...

WHAT NO HNT :) Was looking forward 2 another sexy photo. Last week's will have to do :)

Have a great HNT and wonderful weekend



Big Kahuna said...

Hi MK,

I will do better next week - This week got away from me but you had two on your blog so I will thank you for 'covering' for us this week!!