Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I Miss You Too.....

As I walk in the door I am greeted with a kiss. Not just any kiss but a kiss from the softest and sweetest lips I have ever touched. As our tongues move in unison my hands slide down her back and begin to caress. Our lips separate and she whispers into my ear “I have missed you” as her hand finds the front of my jeans and rubs the growing bulge.

The weekend ahead provide numerous opportunities to re-connect in many ways but right now there is but one immediate connection that must occur. Stumbling through the doorway and into the bedroom, Babushka has already succeeded in freeing my growing cock from its’ confines. By the time we reach the end of the bed I have stepped out of my pants and stand naked from the waist down and at full attention. As she pulls my shirt over my head I find her pussy beneath her skirt - fully exposed and wet beyond belief.

“I have missed you - I need you to fuck me now!” If that was not enough of a hint, the pulling of me on top of her by my hard cock captured my attention. We again kiss as her legs wrap around my waist. My cock slides into her pussy and is greeted warmly. As Babushka exhales in satisfaction as her pussy grasps my cock with pressure and passion, reminding me that indeed I have been missed.

My hips begin their familiar thrusts and our eyes open to look at one another. Our gaze confirms our passion for one another. Our mouths smile in unison and display the affection and joy we feel for one another. My erect penis continues its’ dance of joy within her excited vagina – each coaxing the other toward release and satisfaction.

Release and satisfaction for both are not far behind. Both act as if they were made exclusively for the pleasure of the other. Groans, moans and words of emphasis are exchanged. We encourage each other to climax as my cock explodes within her convulsing pussy.

Heavy breathing begins to subside as we lay in each others arms. Responsibilities of the afternoon will be here shortly. The demands of others and life in general will not be denied for much longer.

Babushka and I will not be denied either and we must cum first. There will always be time for us to connect with the world. We will always take a little time first to re-connect ourselves with one another – Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically and Sexually.

Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Dyin

We must prioritize all that life gives us ........................ ...................... Prioritize wisely.

Thank you to my Babushka for her inspirational phone call.

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