Sunday, February 25, 2007

40-Year Old Virgin No More

I have finally experienced my first............visitor (other than Babushka).

Babushka called me this morning and excitedly told me about a visitor - Mandy the Muse. I discovered her blog in the last week and found myself reading from the beginning.

I enjoy reading of others differing views and experiences, given my ongoing quest to better understand healthy sexuality. I admit I spend less time reading blogs on gardening or raising children. But blogs that discuss nothing other than cocks and pussies are a bore. I enjoy people of substance - those who enlighten me, interest me and add to my growth as a person,

Mandy is one of those people, a complex and interesting individual. Someone whose life and choices are quite different than mine. Yet in reading about her I was drawn to her because of her honesty - honesty in the face of the complicated decisions life brings our way. I enjoyed her interview in Journey to the Darkside. I look forward in continuing to read of her journey.

Speaking of honesty, Babushka and I continue our growth together. Erasing old tapes of others insecurities placed upon us. For me it was my reaction to Babushka telling me about Mandy's note on this blog. Immediately I felt this need to defend why I had been reading her blog. Guilt and shame are two emotions that don't leave quickly.

Babushka and I are healing from our past relationships and their baggage. We ask the tough questions that we are not sure we want to know the answer to.

I ask Babushka today - "Does it bother you that I read blogs, especially those written by women?"

Babushka asks me yesterday - "Does it bother you if I fantasize about being sexual with another woman and you are not an active participant?"

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
Oh -just to answer the questions above......NO and NO......Life is indeed a good thing!


Gillette said...

I think you have other visitors, too....wink, wink. Maybe even more than you think.

Good blog! Will enjoy more in the months to come.

Mandy said...

Thank you for the compliment :) And the plug!

You both seem very interesting - I look forward to reading more!