Monday, February 5, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Tough times up here in the Pacific Northwest. It's cold, damp and grey inside as well as outside. My Grams is fighting for all she is worth, but old-age and the natural order of life always has the upper hand in these battles. Like so many things that life passes your way, times like these remind me of our true powerlessness. Strength, empathy and courage are all the best efforts we can give to one another.

Now to the controversy that is brewing up here in the Emerald State:

When Caffiene alone is not enough

Coffee shop competition is fierce here at the home of Starbucks, so what are some shops turning to?

Sex (What Else).

Scantily clad baristas Candice Law, left, and Toni Morgan make drinks at Cowgirls Espresso in Tukwila, Wash.

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