Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fluff and Fold Me...

Babushka has some significant work stress right now. I could hear it in her voice as we spoke about wanting to see me if it weren't for the snow. Being the WONDERFUL man I am, I braved the elements of our frozen northern tundra last night to trek to her house - It must have snowed upwards of 1/2 inch!!

Anyhow it was a wonderful evening including spelling words and folding laundry. It is nice when people truly appreciate the little things we do for one another. I know she appreciates the help and I enjoy the opportunity to spend an hour with her, comfort her and help a little with the pressures she has every day.

While I was folding her laundry, Babushka came in to discuss her day, her concerns and thank me for my help. As this conversation occurs she walks behind me and and starts to gently rub my ass. Without interrupting a sentence, the rubbing becomes more erotic, with her finger applying gentle pressure while gliding along the crack of my ass. her hand slides further, massaging my balls and pressuring me perineum. This feels so good as I fold towels and listen.

That was the extent of our time together folding laundry (no wild orgasms or tearing of clothing to report) but it was a powerful statement for me. It was a powerful confirmation to me that sexual touch is appropriate in non-sexual situation. It confirms for me that healthy sexuality should be an integrated part of our overall life - not segregated or something to avoid.

It was Babushka being intimate with me and communicating to me without saying a word:
  • Thank you for listening
  • Thank you for caring
  • Thank you for helping
  • Know that I want you in my life
  • And even with all the stress and craziness I still think of your cock
Text Message from Babushka @ 5:58am this morning:
I'm getting in the shower! Wanna cum?

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'....
I'll take an order of life, side of happiness with a fresh glass of horny!

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