Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am glad to report there is very little to write about today. Thought, I will probably end up writing a long time about nothing.

We had a garage sale this week. Lucky me. We have it at my home, because it is closest to the cities. All the crap decended on my house over a month ago, but rain canceled the original dates.

I am pretty sure that I made more than I actually received. But, my sister seems to think it is ok to borrow whatever she feels justified in taking without my approval. It is garage sale stuff. It is not worth arguing about.

Kind of like my bag of change. At my niece's softball tournement, I had my bag of change from my tips. I keep it in the car. It was pretty close to full. I had it out so I could buy each of my 4 nieces a treat, had to chance the foster baby's diaper and forgot I put the bag in the diaper bag when doing so. We are only talking like $30 worth of change. But, when I called my sister and asked her about it, she said that the girls must have found and took it. Nice.

I love my sister because she is my sister. I tolerate my sister because she will take away my nieces if I do not. But, I do not trust her any farther than I can throw her (and she is heavier than I am, so that is not very far). At least all the crap is gine. We donated everything that did not sell.

Oh, I am down to 175! There, I said it. Yes, I am thick. But, 175 sounds fat. Looking at the pics out there, I don't look like what I believe 175 looks like. I would like to be 160. That means only 15 more lbs to go. I like my curves. I just want to be a healthier curvy lady.

Talk about weight, my mom is very unhealthy overweight. She was diagnosed as borderline diabetic and has totally changed her life around. She is almost total vegetarian and has lost 18lbs in 6 weeks. She is looking so much better and healthier. I am so happy for her.

Kahuna is doing so good. I am so proud of him! He has been walking through these last couple of days better than I could have prayed for. It is totally understandable if he had rough days. But, thankfully, he has a good network of people supporting him.

PB has continued to attempt to dig her nails into Kahuna. I will try to explain this without totally confusing things: Wednesday Kahuna got a call from his atty. PB's atty called Kahuna's atty. PB really wants to keep the house. She is willing to make the payments on it. In return for her making payments on a home that is over mortgaged, it is only fair, they reason, that she get 100% of his 401K, which is no small amount of money. I am so proud of Kahuna for not allowing his desire to "get this over with" overpower his sense of logic.

1) She would not qualify for the house on her own, so it would stay in his name.
2) She is making $10/hr. $10x40hrsx4wks = 1600/month before taxes. The mortgage is not quite twice that.
3) 1 + 2 = his still paying the mortgage in the end to save his credit.

12 days left!

Well, my home looks as if a tornado went through it. When my sister and her 4+ kids come, everything falls to pieces. So, I had better go clean. Hope all is well for all.


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I Smile 2 Much said...

i was here the other dayreading & catching up & never got to comment & give u all the hugs i wanted to leave you with.

u *really* are strong and amazing- even if maybe u think i'm crazy 4 sayin this- well, it just seems true from how i'm seein stuff....

much much luv 2 the both of yas....