Tuesday, July 8, 2008


1. LUST: Besides your current Significant Other who do you lust for or have you lusted for?
BABUSHKA - Wow, these are good questions! Who do I lust for? Hmmmm. . . I have convinced myself that I lusted for every partner I have had in the past
KAHUNA – As a guy, I suppose I have lusted for nearly every woman I have found attractive, at least at a basic level of thought.

2. GLUTTONY: What food brings out your inner glutton?
BABUSHKA - Ice cream (choc w/ pb w/ pb cups w/choc sauce), Pannycakes/Waffles, Pizza with rich, thick sauce
KAHUNA – Ice Cream, Pistachios, Swedish Fish.

3. GREED: What are you greedy for?
BABUSHKA - Peace of mind. Shoes. Purses. Jewelry sets to switch up daily!
KAHUNA – Serenity, Peace and Material Possessions.

4. SLOTH: What is your plan for an ideal day of sloth?
BABUSHKA - Pre-prepaired foods ready to go, headed to the falls just to sit, talk, rest and relax. Oh, or never getting dressed, watching movies all day long!
KAHUNA – Laying around Nekkid with Babushka.

5. WRATH: Describe a time that you let out a can of whoop ass on someone.
BABUSHKA - Funny! Uhm, The first thing that comes to mind was when I intervened and spoke to the man my sister had an affair with. I never raised my voice. Because the three of us worked together, I took him into a conference room and told him I knew what had happened, as did everyone else we worked with. He would not hurt my family or my nieces (3 under 5). He would not talk to my sister about non-work items again until she decided if she was going to stay married. He would not call her, or email her, or anything. Yes, I know, looking back, this was not my place. But, I did what I thought I had to in order to protect my nieces.
KAHUNA – I cannot say that I can describe a time like this. My most angry moments have revolved around my (almost) Ex-Wife. Although these have been loud and can include much profanity, I do not view these with a sense of pride that “letting out a can of whoop ass” would suggest.

6. ENVY: Who or what do you envy? Why?
BABUSHKA - I envy people who make enough money to not worry about if they will make it this day, week or month. I cannot afford to replace the terrible windows in my home. Yet, if I don't, it sounds like I will not be able to afford to keep the house heated this winter.
KAHUNA – I would initially agree with Babushka but it has been my experience in observing others over time that there is no such thing as “making enough money not to worry”. In general it seems that people spend just above their means no matter how much that is, and therefore have financial worries whether they make $2,000 a month or $20,000 a month.

7. PRIDE: Have you ever had to swallow your pride? What are you proud of?
BABUSHKA - Yes, Kahuna has been very helpful. At first it was incomprehensible that he would WANT to help me. For no reason other than to be helpful. I am proud of my Kahuna. I am proud of me. I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am proud of my child, and Kahuna's children. I am proud to be with him. I am proud of myself professionally and personally.
KAHUNA – See Babushka’s answer.


Paul B said...

Great answers. Swedish fish? Those little red gummy things???


Bunny said...

Great answers from you both!

Happy TMI!

Big Kahuna said...

Hi Paul - Yes, the gummy things (although I prefer the assorted colors rather than just the Red)

Hey Bunny - Good to see you again!!

Baby said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW - both of your answers are great!!!! I agree - I also think the more money, the bigger the worries too... Happy TMI!!!!