Sunday, October 19, 2008

Babushka's Catching Up :-)

We'll actually tomorrow is my Babushka's Birthday but we celebrated this weekend.

On Friday, we had a lovely dinner at at TGIF's and then went to see The Dutchess. This was a great date movie, although Babushka did comment on how women of the time were certainly mistreated generally. For me, I simply cannot fathom no electricity. We then went back to my place for presents, dessert and sleep. Although Babushka was not showered with riches, I do believe she truly appreciated her gifts:
  • Hand-drawn Birthday Card from Pumpkin
  • University Sweatshirt from the school I am attaining my MBA from
  • New Cell-Phone
  • Part 2 of my erotic story written for her (Part 1 was given to her last Christmas)

We awoke early, maybe 5:00am or so, and enjoyed some absolutely phenomenal lovemaking/fucking. After a couple orgasms for the birthday girl and one for me, we rooled back into each others arms and fell back asleep for three more hours. That was an incredible experience I had never enjoyed before - morning sex followed by cuddling sleep.

Saturday was a lovely day (of course it was - look how it started). I took Babushka to a park on the Mississippi River where we strolled on the hiking path, hand in hand, and enjoyed the beautiful turning of the foliage. It was quiet, serene and one of the most spiritual days we have had in quite a while. We took the camera but the fact I forgot to charge the batteries I was only able to snap a few photos. It was such a beautiful day!!!!

Today we cleaned Babushka's house, as we are preparing for the Realtor to come over tomorrow. As Babushka has posted earlier, we are looking to facilitate an eventual short sale with the mortgage company. It is a difficult and stressful process, especially for my Babushka. I so wish I could take the burden for her - I will do everything I can to love and support her.

Some days do not feel necessarily joyous and free but if we slow down we can find something within each day to bring us joy and freedom from our worries.

Babushka is my "something"


"The Oyster Box" said...

Kahuna and Babs! thanks for popping over the other day! your particular comment came at a time i needed it. thanks! Tiff

I Smile 2 Much said...

Very pretty pictures. Glad you enjoyed such a good time together ;)

Sleep following morning sex is a favorite of mine. Although I can't really think of a *bad* sex thing however ..... *giggles*

Sounds like a great bday weekend was had ;) Very cool.

Babushka said...

Oh, my love! My love of my life! You are such a blessing! I adore you! I love you! I miss you already!

I do greatly appreciate everything you do for me! I appreciate everything you are to me! I appreciate how amazing you are!