Friday, October 24, 2008

What would you (not) do for $10,000

Some days I am so busy around the office that I end up reading stories such as this.
There are a few quotes within the article that helped me lighten up an otherwise stressed day at the office:

- "In our society it's going to be hard to find" a couple that hasn't had premarital sex [a couple who has not had premarital sex]. … But the standard is the standard." I suspect it would be easier to find a couple not having post-marital sex :-).......but her standard is her standard and she is sticking to it, by Golly!

- Yet in a recent interview, Faust seemed inclined to relax the rules, saying couples engaging in sex can still qualify but they must acknowledge, “The right choice is probably not to have had done it.” She will, however, draw the line at couples living together. “If the couple is living together, definitely not, because they are set up for the kill.” OK, so her standard was dropped dramatically in the very next sentence but only as long as they have sex in their car or their parents house!!

Hypocrisy is so prevalent "in our society", although apparently not as prevalent as premarital sex. How about we focus on discussions with our teens and young adults about respecting and honoring the person you are making love with. Or perhaps the importance of effective communication regarding sexual needs and expectations during a marriage before they get married.

But no - as long as you are a virgin when you are married then you are have succeeded! - unwanted sex, forced sex, withholding sex as part of your marriage are fine because THANK GOD you are married.

You know, Babushka and I could use $10,000 if we acknowledge it would have been better if we waited.........................not waited with each other but waited with the unfulfilling sexual partners we had before each other! Plus - We only participated in oral sex with each other this morning before work so perhaps we still qualify as virgins (at least for today) :-)

It appears many are getting busy indeed

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