Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just an update

So far so great!

The house has been on the Market since Saturday. No calls yet. Patience, I know. . .

I am trying to weed through things and sell off some things. I know we don't want to go hog wild and drown in the debt of new things for the new house. But, it is also so exciting to start anew. I want everything to be us. . . not everything that WAS us.

Over the last few days, I have emailed my sister with details of things headed out the door. I guess I was not thinking (consciously) that she would guess I am moving. But, she asked point blank if I was planning to sell my house. I went to Kahuna to talk through how I wanted to handle that call. My options were to 1) lie. 2) tell her the truth. 3) avoid the question. Before, option 3 would have been preferred. I couldn't live with option 1. So, option 3 was the option for me.

I told her that, yes, I am planning to and am actually in the process of selling the house. I also asked for her silence as BuddyLuv and I had a plan as to how we would like to tell everyone. Her response was more questions. Those I did not send lies or ignore. I simply said that I love her.

Well, I was going to write more. But, Kahuna just walked in from school and I want to cuddle!

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vixen kitten said...

I've been preparing for a big garage sale for weeks now. For me, getting rid of things like this feels amazing.

I hope you get a quick sale on the house.