Thursday, March 1, 2007

Frozen Tundra HNT

Up here in the frozen tundra we are measuring snow in feet, not inches. Schools, city governments and even the megamall is closed for business. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for an evening alone with my Babushka....
  • Crackling fire to warm our hearts
  • Vanilla scented candles to fill our soul
  • Peppermint laced Sipping Chocolate to quench out thirst
  • Our bodies intertwined to fulfil our hunger and passion
That would be a wonderful evening indeed....To bad it was not mine. Babushka and I are 40 miles apart and my companions have been supply curves and demand elasticity. The responsibilities necessary to pursue a higher education.

Doing my Economics is the prudent thing but doing my Babushka is certainly more enjoyable. Our (her) inaugural HNT is a reminder to me that I will take HWP over GDP any day of the week!!

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'

I am Dyin for a little taste of my Babushka


Evalee said...

Very nice shot, love the curves and the softness.

Osbasso said...

Welcome to HNT! A fine start! Sorry to hear about all the snow. Spring certainly must be coming soon!

Hope you keep up with HNT. We'd like to see more of you. So to speak.

Babushka said...

Thank you, Evalee and Osbasso! This is Babushka, from the pictures. It seams like it has taken a lifetime, but I now appreciate those curves and am happy that others do, too!