Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Brand New Day.....

.....and the slate is 'officially' clean.

It is a great feeling to make mistakes and not feel like they will follow me into the future. It is a dynamic that I am reminded of as my life transitions between old and new - from pain to promise. It is a transition that does not occur quickly or easily. Steps forward and steps backward. This is a transition I try to walk through with dignity and grace each day; one day at a time. Thankfully Babushka is not only supportive but proud of my walk.

My Babushka: Proud, Supportive, Gentle, Caring and Horny!!

Thank goodness for Horny. We are planning an evening alone together and we are both getting a little "Randy"- as in Austin Powers not Quaid. I have been spending much idle time thinking of her and her HWP. I have been thinking back to the Christmas party we attended - our first formal gathering together and her proclamation to me - " I must have forgotten to put panties on."

I spent most of the evening thinking of her bare pussy underneath her dress and all the attention I wanted to give 'her'.

The same attention I would like to be giving 'her right now

The same attention I hope to be giving 'her' this weekend

Get Busy Livin' or Get Busy Dyin'
....................And what living it is indeed!!!

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