Thursday, April 26, 2007

Peek-a-Boo HNT

They say the Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions..............

So Babushka IM's me yesterday that she needs to deep clean her downstairs apartment in preparation for her new renter and therefore will pass on a ride home. Of course I tease her with a little "No Hump-Day Humping" teasing, to which we both laugh and proceed with the day. Just before she is to leave she IM's me and asks if I can just take her to her car so we can see each other (she parks at a park and ride and takes the bus into downtown). I am more than happy to help. As we are driving to her car I ask if she would like help with the cleaning and dusting for an hour before my meeting - no 'ulterior motives'. She agrees and tells me how wonderful I am to her. About 5 minutes later in the drive she says "Let's have sex instead". I tell her no - that we need to get her apartment clean.

Once at her house she goes into her bedroom to change out of work clothes while I stay out in the living room. She yells out "You sure you do not want to have sex?". I figure this is a perfect opportunity to tease her a little more before we clean so I go in. Wearing only her thong and bra, I walk up behind her and begin kissing her neck. With one hand I reach into the front of her thong and rub her clit - with the other I play with her asshole. As her eyes close and her moaning begins to increase, I stop and say "Let's go clean". I turn and walk toward the door. Before I get there the door slams shut, my pants are yanked to my feet and my head is pulled into the beautifully trimmed pussy now laying on the bed.

Well, the apartment is still dusty but our pipes are clean (well technically, mine are cleared and hers are filled). I sure do love Hump Day............Which leads to Thursday and HNT!

Last week was a slight glimpse of those lovely 34DD's. This week provides a little more insight - Happy HNT everyone

Get Busy Livin' and Get Busy Lovin'


MG said...

more is always good ;)

Blissfully Wed said...

What Babushka wants, Babushka gets, right?

Sounds like a fun time was had. ;)



Stealth said...

What a loverly shot dear :-) I wish I was that well endowed :)


cinders said...

How could anyone resist that?

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

That is very arousing... I love the look of the nails on the flesh... sexy!

tkkerouac said...

beautiful!Happy HNT!

Gillette said...

Cleaning house sounds like fun with you two. Almost want to make things dirty to clean them up...or make things dirty to make them dirty???? Winkiewink. Nice pic.

Babushka said...

Ms. MG~ Thank you!

Blissfully Wed~ Thank you! Yes, it was a great time! I hope I get a chance to share some of those great times someday when I have a moment!

Ms. Stealth~ Thank you! Trust me, they are not for everyone! But, It is flattering to hear from those who appreciate my breasts!

Ms Cinders~ Well, thank you, too!

Ms. Searabbit~ Thank you! My nails are the one thing I have always soiled myself with. Both Kahun and I enjoy them! I am glad you did, too!

Ms. tkkerouac~ Thank you!

Ms. gillette~ We have talked about having someone help us clean house and have fun! Maybe that will be the next theme of our story exchange! :-) Thank you!

And, thank you again, all! I am very hard on myself, and it has been a hard few days. I forget that, even if I have two digits in my sixe, I can still be as beautiful on the outside as I am on the inside.